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Cyberbully  2011  4.1 ★ 87 mins Drama  until 01-Jan-2025   
Teenager Taylor Hillridge finds herself a target of bullying by fellow students through a popular social website in this topical drama with a message. After the abuse makes Taylor afraid to face her classmates, her mother gets involved.

Metro Manila  2013  3.2 ★ 114 mins Thrillers Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Seeking a better life, Oscar moves his family from a farm to the bustling city of Manila, where they soon realize that they're out of their element. Things reach a boiling point when Oscar's job at an armored truck company threatens his very life.

The Debt  2010  3.5 ★ 114 mins Thrillers Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Rachel Singer is a former Mossad intelligence agent who is forced to relive her 1965 pursuit of a notorious Nazi war criminal after the bold and dangerous fugitive is suspected to have reemerged 30 years later in the Ukraine.

Cowgirls n' Angels  2012  3.8 ★ 92 mins Children & Family Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025   
Feisty youngster Ida longs for adventure and hopes to find her father, a rodeo performer. When she seeks refuge with a troupe of female trick riders and their ornery leader, an ex-rodeo star, she finds a new family and an all-encompassing passion.

Cowgirls n' Angels 2  2014  3.5 ★ 90 mins Children & Family Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025   
After she receives unexpected news about herself, a 17-year-old girl experiences an exciting, yet challenging life in and out of the rodeo circuit in this wonderful coming- of-age story. Filled with heart, horses and high-reaching adventure, Cowgirls 'N Angels: Dakota's Summer is an uplifting reminder that with courage, friendship and passion, anything is possible.

Mine Games  2012  3.1 ★ 94 mins Horror Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
A group of friends travel up to a cabin located deep within the forest. As the group hikes deeper within the mine, they make a shocking discovery that quickly turns their excitement into fear.

The Guest House  2012  2.7 ★ 84 mins Gay & Lesbian Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Bad girl Rachel, an aspiring young songwriter, finds her life change dramatically when she falls for the woman staying in the family guest house, a wholesome college graduate fresh to California from the cornfields of Iowa.

The Ward  2011  3.4 ★ 88 mins Thrillers Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
A young woman, Kristen, is sent to a mental institution with a past as dark and haunted as her own. Terrorized by a ghost, each of the other patients in Kristen's ward begin to disappear, and that's just the beginning of her long nightmare.

Is It Just Me?  2010  3.5 ★ 93 mins Gay & Lesbian Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025 
Although successful writer Blaine is kind and witty, he can't find true love because he's intimidated by the overt sexuality of guys such as his roommate, Cameron. But all that changes when he meets the man of his dreams online -- or does it?

Lalaloopsy: Ponies  2014  3.4 ★ Children & Family  until 01-Jan-2025   
The ponies are eager to put on a show, but first they have to rebuild their caravan. It's all about teamwork -- as well as lots of laughter and fun.

Ilo Ilo  2013  2.9 ★ 99 mins Drama Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Leaving the Philippines to work in Singapore, Teresa is hired as a maid by a couple whose spoiled son delights in bullying and belittling her. Over time, the household dynamic shifts as the son comes to revere Teresa -- much to his mom's annoyance.

The Marriage Chronicles  2012  3.6 ★ 109 mins Comedy Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Desperate to save their marriages, three couples go on an exclusive and extreme couples retreat with prominent psychologist Dr. Jailen Masters and her sexy husband. They soon realize they'll have to dig deep -- or ruin their marriages trying!

All American Christmas Carol  2013  2.3 ★ 87 mins Comedy Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Self-centered, unemployed good ol' gal Cindy (Taryn Manning) has been popping out kids by different Daddy's since she was knee high to a grasshopper, but she's more interested in buying lottery tickets and doing what's best for herself than parenting. The only thing in Cindy's fridge is Cheese Doodle, which also happens to be her youngest son's name. With her reckless ways and loose legs, it's no surprise she's about to lose her kids. But when...

Holiday High School Reunion  2012  2.9 ★ Comedy  until 01-Jan-2025   
Twentysomething Georgia pines for her old boyfriend and is thrilled to have a second chance at love when she attends their high school reunion.

30 for 30: Big Shot  2014  3.0 ★ 77 mins Sports & Fitness Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
In 1996, lousy performance and poor management were driving away the New York Islanders loyal fan base. Then along came a Dallas businessman named John Spano, who swooped in and agreed to buy the team. But it was all smoke and mirrors.

Thou Shalt Laugh 5  2010  until 01-Jan-2025   
Hosted by "Queen of Clean" Chonda Pierce, this showcase of Christian stand-up comics features Taylor Mason, Gilbert Esquivel, Bone Hampton and more.

Thou Shalt Laugh 4  2009  until 01-Jan-2025   
John Tesh hosts this showcase of Christian stand-up comedians, which includes Michael Jr., Taylor Mason, Joe Wong, Isaac Witty and Rex Havens.

Tim Minchin And The Heritage Orchestra Live  2011  3.3 ★ Comedy Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Flanked by a full orchestra, Tim Minchin takes the Royal Albert Hall by storm with a wonderfully witty evening of satirical musical comedy.

The Last Fall  2012  3.8 ★ 98 mins Drama Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Pro football player Kyle Bishop was a rising star when everything changed, forcing him into retirement when he should be hitting his peak. With his dreams of gridiron glory forever shattered, Kyle tries to start life over at the age of 25.

Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau  2013  3.2 ★ 100 mins Documentary Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Jam-packed with interviews, historical footage and reenactments, this exhilarating documentary sheds light on the extraordinary life and legacy of legendary Hawaiian big-wave surfer and pioneering North Shore lifeguard Eddie Aikau.

Going Blind  2010  until 01-Jan-2025 
Filmmaker Joseph F. Lovett shares his experience losing his sight to glaucoma and profiles six other people coping with varying degrees of blindness.

And Then There Was You  2013  3.2 ★ 99 mins Drama Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Joshua and Natalie appear to be the picture-perfect couple, but looks can be deceiving. When Natalie discovers her husband has led a secret life. While picking up the pieces of her shattered world, the process of healing introduces some new-found obstacles in the form of a new love interest.

30 for 30: Elway to Marino  2013  until 01-Jan-2025   
Take an insider's walk through 1983's landmark football draft, when six quarterbacks were selected in the first round -- the most in NFL history.

David Ortiz: In the Moment  2014  until 01-Jan-2025   
The Red Sox superstar and World Series champion is the focus of this in-depth documentary that examines his career and his devotion to Boston.

Video Games: The Movie  2014  until 01-Jan-2025   
From Atari to Xbox, this star-studded documentary explores the gaming industry's history, influence and multi-billion dollar evolution.

History of the Eagles  2013  4.2 ★ 188 mins Documentary  until 01-Jan-2025   
This sweeping documentary chronicles the evolution and influence of rock legends The Eagles. Stories from band members and music industry insiders paint a vivid picture of one of America's most successful bands.

Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land  2012  3.2 ★ 70 mins Children & Family  until 01-Jan-2025   
The best friends who live in colorful Lalaloopsy Land go on an adventure-filled search for Pillow FeatherBed, but each of the girls has her own plan on how to find their missing chum. When the girls decide to work together, their quest ends happily.

Video Girl  2011  3.7 ★ 109 mins Drama Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
In this urban drama, sweet small-town girl Lorie Walker thinks all her dreams have come true when she becomes a famous hip-hop video star -- but she soon finds herself spiraling down into a dark world of drinking and drugs.

John Pinette: Still Hungry  2011  3.9 ★ 90 mins Comedy Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Larger-than-life funnyman John Pinette is still hungry for laughs in this sold-out comedy concert filmed live inside Chicago's historic Vic Theater. The crowd eats up Pinette's humor as he questions the sense of panini makers and arugula.

Church Girl  2011  3.6 ★ Faith & Spirituality Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Emily, the daughter of a pastor, seems to have it all. But she's hiding a shocking secret and has been struggling to maintain her good-girl image.

30 for 30: Free Spirits  2014  3.2 ★ 55 mins Documentary Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
The American Basketball Association included a cast of colorful characters that took the court night in and out, featuring stars like Marvin "Bad News" Barnes and James "Fly" Williams, along with an upstart sportscaster named Bob Costas.

30 for 30: Bernie and Ernie  2014  3.1 ★ 55 mins Documentary Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
When Bernard King arrived at Tennessee, he was only the third African American to play for the Vols' varsity team. Along with talented teammate Ernie Grunfeld, they gained national acclaim as part of what was known as "The Ernie and Bernie Show."

ESPN Films-30 for 30: Youngstown Boys  2013  3.5 ★ 77 mins Sports & Fitness Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
This edition of the ESPN documentary series looks at the rise and fall of two Ohio State alumni -- superstar running back Maurice Clarett and former head coach Jim Tressel -- whose careers ended in scandal and dismissal.

You and the Night  2013  2.0 ★ 91 mins Drama Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Amour is in the air in this erotic tale when a lusty couple and their cross-dressing maid host a midnight orgy for a select group of libertines. By the time the evening is over, much more will have been revealed than just the pleasures of love.

Witching & Bitching  2013  3.4 ★ 110 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025    DVD Available: 14-Oct-2014
In this heist film turned horror fest, director Álex de la Iglesia's love of mayhem is on full display as a gang of gold thieves lands in a coven of witches who are preparing for an ancient ritual -- and in need of a sacrifice.

Beethoven's Treasure Tail  2014  3.2 ★ 97 mins Children & Family Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025    DVD Available: 28-Oct-2014
After being fired from a movie, Beethoven begins the long journey home with his trainer Eddie. On their way, they become stranded in a small coastal town where the beloved canine befriends a young boy who is searching for buried treasure.

Venus in Fur  2013  2.9 ★ 90 mins Drama Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025    DVD Available: 15-Oct-2014
After a long search, a Parisian writer-director has found the perfect woman to play the lead in a provocative play about masochistic relationships. As he begins to work with her, he finds that she may be a little too perfect, both on and off stage.