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Ordinary People Nominated For/Won Awards 1980  3.7 ★ 124 mins Drama Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Everything is in its proper place in the Jarrett household -- except the past. Mary Tyler Moore scored an Oscar nod for her role as repressed mother Beth Jarrett, whose favorite son has died, leaving her with another (Timothy Hutton) she can barely tolerate. The film also netted four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Robert Redford, in his directorial bow), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for young Hutton.

Sling Blade Nominated For/Won Awards 1996  4.0 ★ 148 mins Drama Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Simpleminded Karl has just been released from a psychiatric hospital, where he'd been confined since age 12 for murdering his mother and her lover. He lands a job at a garage fixing motors and befriends a young boy -- but can Karl outrun his past?

Good Morning, Vietnam Nominated For/Won Awards 1987  3.8 ★ 119 mins Comedy Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
When his manic radio show proves a huge morale-booster, Armed Forces Radio disc jockey Adrian Cronauer gets sent to Vietnam, where his monkeyshines -- lampooning any and all sacred cows -- tickle the troops but land him in trouble with his superiors.

Anaconda Nominated For/Won Awards 1997  2.9 ★ 89 mins Action & Adventure Rated: PG-13  until 01-Jan-2025   
When deranged snake hunter Paul Serone tricks a film crew into taking him on their boat so he can hunt a giant anaconda, the group soon finds itself up the Amazon River without a paddle as they become prey for the fearsome reptile.

An Officer and a Gentleman Nominated For/Won Awards 1982  3.8 ★ 124 mins Drama Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Dreams of being a Navy pilot prompt Zack Mayo (Richard Gere) to enroll in officer training school, where he runs afoul of a drill instructor (Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr.) who senses the cadet's loner instinct and aims to school him on the importance of teamwork -- or break him in the process. In the meantime, Mayo romances a working girl (Debra Winger), ignoring warnings to steer clear of the local lasses out to bag hotshot Navy flyboys.

The Elephant Man Nominated For/Won Awards 1980  3.7 ★ 124 mins Drama Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025   
In this Oscar-nominated drama based on a true story, physically abnormal John Merrick (John Hurt) endures ostracizing, taunting behavior as a sideshow attraction in mid-19th century England. Despite his horribly disfigured face and body and barely perceptible speech, concerned doctor Frederick Treves (Sir Anthony Hopkins) recognizes Merrick to be highly intelligent and works to save the Elephant Man's dignity. Directed by David Lynch.

Young Sherlock Holmes Nominated For/Won Awards 1985  3.6 ★ 108 mins Action & Adventure Rated: PG-13  until 01-Jan-2025   
With the ever-present Watson by his side, future detective genius Sherlock Holmes embarks on an exciting adventure as he attempts to unravel a series of mysterious deaths near the campus of the prestigious Brompton Academy.

K-19: The Widowmaker  2002  3.6 ★ 138 mins Thrillers Rated: PG-13  until 01-Jan-2025   
On board Russia's first nuclear ballistic submarine, Capt. Vostrikov must race against time to prevent a Chernobyl-like explosion that not only threatens the lives of the crew but could also ignite a world war between the superpowers.

Fido  2006  3.4 ★ 92 mins Horror Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Director Andrew Currie's imaginative horror-comedy follows the misadventures of typical boy-next-door Timmy Robinson (K'Sun Ray) and his very unusual pet -- a loyal, lumbering zombie named Fido (Billy Connolly). Problems arise when Fido breaks loose and noshes on a neighbor. Timmy is suddenly forced into damage-control mode while he tries to persuade his parents (Carrie-Anne Moss and Dylan Baker) to keep Fido.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers  1978  3.4 ★ 117 mins Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025   
San Francisco biologist Elizabeth Driscoll (Brooke Adams) turns to health inspector Matthew Bennell (Donald Sutherland) for help when her live-in beau begins acting odd -- and distant. Matthew and Elizabeth notice that suddenly almost everyone around them has become impassive. When their friends discover a developing doppelgänger in their commercial mud baths, the foursome realizes an alien invasion is under way. Can they stop it?

Event Horizon  1997  3.5 ★ 97 mins Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Seven years after it went missing, a spaceship sends a garbled signal back to Earth that sounds a lot like a cry for help. A rescue ship is dispatched to investigate, but the crew soon realizes that something unimaginable has happened on board.

The Final  2010  3.4 ★ 92 mins Horror Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Unpopular high school student Dane leads a group of outcasts seeking revenge on the "cool" kids who harassed and humiliated them for years, and their plan includes gruesome forms of torture learned in history class and horror films.

She's the One  1996  3.1 ★ 96 mins Comedy Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Reeling from a breakup with his fiancée, twenty-something New Yorker Mickey impulsively marries a passenger he picked up in his cab. Meanwhile, Mickey's brother, Francis, is having doubts about his own marriage to his longtime love.

Multiplicity  1996  3.2 ★ 118 mins Comedy Rated: PG-13  until 01-Jan-2025   
Burdened with too much to do and too little time, Doug Kinney resorts to cloning himself to meet both his career and family obligations. His solution succeeds at first, but matters deteriorate once the clones begin thinking for themselves.

Dread  2009  3.1 ★ 94 mins Horror Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Assisted by two classmates, duplicitous Quaid conducts a devious research project examining students' innermost fears. Armed with data, Quaid methodically torments his hapless subjects, taking full advantage of their weaknesses.

1492: Conquest of Paradise  1992  3.4 ★ 154 mins Drama Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Poised to benefit from wealth gained after the establishment of trade routes and colonies in far-flung lands, Spain's Queen Isabel (Sigourney Weaver) funds navigator Christopher Columbus's (Gérard Depardieu) historical voyage to the "New World." After traversing the sea with the &NFi;Santa María&NFi_;, &NFi;La Niña &NFi_;and &NFi;La Pinta&NFi_;, Columbus initiates contact between Europeans and indigenous Americans. Ridley Scott directs this su...

FernGully: The Last Rainforest  1992  3.8 ★ 80 mins Children & Family Rated: G  until 01-Jan-2025   
When a sprite named Crysta shrinks a human boy named Zak down to her size, the lad vows to help the magical fairy folk stop a greedy logging company from destroying their home, the pristine rainforest known as FernGully.

Forces of Nature  1999  3.1 ★ 106 mins Comedy Rated: PG-13  until 01-Jan-2025   
When a wayward seagull and approaching hurricane ground the flight en route to his wedding, uncomplicated Ben is stuck renting a car with eccentric free spirit Sarah. As the odd couple connects, Ben begins to question the marriage that awaits him.

A Price Above Rubies  1998  3.2 ★ 117 mins Drama Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Married to a strictly observant Jew, a young mother (Renee Zellweger) craves fewer rules and more passion. Along comes her jeweler brother-in-law, who sees her anguish and values her at "a price above rubies," giving her a job and much more. With the door to freedom now open, she pursues a Puerto Rican jewelry designer. But there are no easy answers to the tough moral dilemmas she faces in this character-driven drama.

The Believers  1987  3.1 ★ 114 mins Horror Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Mourning the accidental death of his wife and having just moved to New York with his young son, laconic police psychologist Cal Jamison is reluctantly drawn into a series of grisly, ritualistic murders involving the immolation of two youths.

The Presidio  1988  3.4 ★ 96 mins Thrillers Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
A detective must cooperate with an old rival when he investigates a murder at the Presidio, a military base on San Francisco's perimeter. Meanwhile, the base commander's wild-child daughter becomes an attractive distraction for the detective.

Eye for an Eye  1996  3.8 ★ 101 mins Thrillers Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Grieving mother Karen McCann takes justice into her own hands when the man who raped and murdered her daughter is freed on a technicality. Obsessed, she arms herself and joins a vigilante group.

Grosse Pointe Blank  1997  3.7 ★ 107 mins Comedy Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Freelance assassin Martin Blank faces a crisis of conscience as he heads home for his high school reunion and tries to sort out his feelings for his former sweetheart -- all while trying to squeeze in a last-minute contract killing.

Duplex  2003  3.3 ★ 89 mins Comedy Rated: PG-13  until 01-Jan-2025   
New York City couple Alex and Nancy dream of the departure of their upstairs neighbor, who's hogging a rent-controlled apartment they'd dearly love to have. If she doesn't move out, they may have to take matters into their own hands.

Mr. Mom  1983  3.5 ★ 91 mins Comedy Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025   
After Jack is informed that his job has been furloughed, his wife goes to work at an advertising agency. Their three young kids are left with Jack, who must get accustomed to vacuuming, soap operas, school drop-offs, grocery stores and flirty moms.

Fairy Tale: A True Story  1997  3.7 ★ 97 mins Children & Family Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025   
In this charming fantasy, two precocious cousins discover sprites in their garden -- and to prove the pixies exist, the girls produce photographic evidence that draws worldwide attention. But are the fairies real, or is it all a hoax?

Ice Castles  2010  3.8 ★ 95 mins Drama Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025   
When an accident causes her to go blind, a young ice skater loses hope -- but her hometown beau refuses to let her give up her dream of being an Olympic champion. With his help, can she work through her disability and regain her competitive spirit?

Count Yorga, Vampire  1970  2.8 ★ 93 mins Horror Rated: PG-13  until 01-Jan-2025   
A modern-day Dracula posing as psychic medium Count Yorga (Robert Quarry) preys on unsuspecting young women in 1970 Los Angeles -- leaving their surviving male consorts no choice but to band together and fight back. With the help of a doctor (Roger Perry) who suspects that his female patients' blood loss is the work of a vampire, they track down the count to inflict their revenge in this fast-paced thriller.

Poetic Justice Nominated For/Won Awards 1993  3.5 ★ 109 mins Drama Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Pop superstar Janet Jackson makes her big-screen debut in this sensitive urban drama. Justice (Jackson) sacrifices her dream of attending college and becomes a cosmetologist after her boyfriend gets brutally murdered in South Central Los Angeles. To cope with her loss, Justice turns to writing poetry. Maya Angelou, who shows up in a small role, penned the verse for director John Singleton's absorbing film, which costars rapper Tupac Shakur.

Californication  2007  3.9 ★ Television  until 01-Jan-2025   
Best-selling novelist Hank Moody battles writer's block and a weakness for drugs, booze and one-night stands while he struggles to make things work with his on-and-off girlfriend and their teenage daughter.

Brother's Shadow  2006  2.9 ★ 91 mins Independent Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
After a lengthy stint in jail, black sheep Jake Groden (Scott Cohen) returns to his Brooklyn, N.Y., hometown when his virtuous twin brother suddenly dies. With the family cabinetry business failing, Jake tries to fill his sibling's shoes, but their implacable father (Judd Hirsch) doesn't trust Jake -- who soon finds himself questioning his identity. Susan Floyd, Elliot Korte and Ruben Santiago-Hudson also star in this first-rate indie drama.

Losing Isaiah  1995  3.8 ★ 106 mins Drama Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
After leaving her baby outside a crack house, a drug-addicted woman presumes him to be dead. Devastated, she enters rehab and cleans up her act. When three years later she learns he's alive and has been adopted, she sets out to get him back.

Death Warrant  1990  3.1 ★ 89 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Louis Burke (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a Canadian Mountie who goes undercover as a convict to investigate a series of mysterious jailhouse murders. But Burke's cover is almost blown when the Sandman (Patrick Kilpatrick), a guy he busted several years ago, is transferred to the same prison. As the story unfolds, Van Damme -- who was a European karate champ before turning to acting -- delivers plenty of trademark martial arts moves.

The Return of Count Yorga  1971  2.7 ★ Horror Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Bloodthirsty vampire Count Yorga (Robert Quarry) descends upon an orphanage, where he falls in love with the comely Cynthia (Mariette Hartley). Yorga puts her under his spell and attempts to make her his bride, but Cynthia's boyfriend, David (Roger Perry), has something to say about that. With the help of a pair of police officers (including Craig T. Nelson), David bravely confronts Yorga's fanged minions to reach his beloved Cynthia.

D3: The Mighty Ducks  1996  3.5 ★ 104 mins Children & Family Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025   
The unruly team of hockey misfits grows up a bit and receives scholarships to a prestigious prep school. But freshman misery is inevitable for the Ducks and their coach as they take on the snotty attitudes of the varsity team.

Monkey Shines  1988  3.2 ★ 115 mins Horror Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Quadriplegic law student Allan Mann (Jason Beghe) gets in-home care from Ella, a supersmart monkey injected with human brain tissue. Initially, it's a dynamite relationship -- until she starts anticipating Allan's thoughts and acting out his subconscious desires. Horror veteran George Romero wrote and directed this 1988 chiller, which co-stars Joyce Van Patten, Stanley Tucci and Janine Turner.

All the Light in the Sky  2012  3.1 ★ 79 mins Drama Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
An aging actress living alone on the shores of Malibu spends her days pondering where her life has taken her and fearing what comes next. When her niece comes for a visit, the two find they share common ground despite generational differences.

Varsity Blues  1999  3.6 ★ 104 mins Drama Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
When the Coyotes' star quarterback suffers a knee injury, second-stringer Jonathan Moxon gets thrust into the spotlight. Moxon, however, is more interested in academic pursuits than in becoming a football hero, which doesn't sit well with his coach.

The Vampire Lovers  1970  2.9 ★ Horror Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Fanged femme fatale and 19th-century noblewoman Mircalla Karnstein stalks the Austrian countryside, bewitching young daughters at every turn.

Spaceballs  1987  3.6 ★ 96 mins Comedy Rated: PG  until 01-Jan-2025   
In this spoof of the Star Wars trilogy, nefarious Dark Helmet hatches a plan to snatch Princess Vespa and steal her planet's air. Space bum Lone Starr and his clueless sidekick fly to the rescue, with help from Yogurt and the power of "The Schwartz."

Anastasia Nominated For/Won Awards 1997  3.8 ★ 95 mins Children & Family Rated: G  until 01-Jan-2025   
Anya grows up in an orphanage and has no idea that she's really Anastasia, the long-lost daughter of Russia's last czar. And neither do two con men who try to convince her to pretend to be Anastasia so they can collect a reward for her safe return.

The Lair of the White Worm  1988  3.0 ★ 93 mins Horror Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
Shortly after a Scottish archaeologist digs up a wormlike skull on a country estate, enigmatic recluse Lady Sylvia Marsh, the last disciple of an ancient pagan religion, steals the artifact ... and soon local residents begin to vanish.

Californication: Season 1  2007  3.9 ★ 340 mins Television  until 01-Jan-2025   
In Season 1, sex-addicted writer Hank contends with his disappointment in a film adaptation of one of his novels and engages in a sexual encounter with a girl who uses the illicit nature of their relationship to her advantage.

The Horror Show  1989  3.0 ★ Horror Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
In the midst of being executed in the electric chair, mass murderer Max transforms from flesh and blood into a free-floating supernatural essence.

Californication: Season 5  2012  3.9 ★ 342 mins Television  until 01-Jan-2025   
After a turbulent time on the West Coast, Hank Moody makes his way back to New York City. But while his new novel is getting a good reception, another exploding romance sends him fleeing back to Los Angeles -- and the female problems awaiting him.

Fashion  2008  3.6 ★ 167 mins Foreign (English) Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Small-town girl Meghna Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) always believed she would become a famous supermodel. But when her dream finally comes true, Meghna finds there's a price for her glamorous life -- and soon, her world comes crashing down around her. Now, Meghna must work to rebuild her career and maintain her integrity as she navigates the sometimes-corrupt world of haute couture in this captivating Bollywood drama.

Rowdy Rathore  2012  3.5 ★ 130 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Watching his back for the thugs trying to kill him, a con man stumbles onto a deadly secret that leads him to a small town terrorized by the mafia. Now, he must save the woman he loves, the little girl who insists she's his daughter and the locals.