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The Double  2011  3.7 ★ 98 mins Thrillers Rated: PG-13  until 01-Jan-2025   
Retired CIA agent Paul Shepherdson joins young FBI agent Ben Geary to track down a Russian assassin who has seemingly returned after the Cold War. Old conspiracies quickly resurface, embroiling the pair deeper and deeper in peril.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return  2013  3.8 ★ Children & Family Rated: PG
A bevy of stars -- including Lea Michele -- provide the voices for this animated film that returns Dorothy to Oz to help find her trio of pals. With the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow nowhere in sight, Dorothy faces a new villain: the wicked Jester.

Snowpiercer  2013  3.8 ★ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: NR
The Earth's remaining inhabitants are confined to a single train circling the globe as revolution brews among the class-divided cars. Based on a French graphic novel and set in a new ice age, this futuristic thriller stars a top-notch ensemble cast.

Only Lovers Left Alive  2013  4.0 ★ 123 mins Drama Rated: R DVD Available: 19-Aug-2014
Depressed over the state of the human world, underground musician Adam -- a vampire -- hooks up again with Eve, his mysterious lover of many centuries. But the antics of Eve's spirited little sister threaten to destroy their eternal love.

The Immigrant  2013  3.5 ★ 120 mins Drama Rated: NR
After arriving in New York, Polish immigrant Ewa must provide for her ill sister -- and soon falls under the thumb of charming thug Bruno, who forces her into a life of prostitution. But when she falls for a magician, her fortunes may turn.

Le Chef  2012  3.6 ★ 84 mins Foreign (English) Rated: PG-13
The friction between gourmet chef Alexandre Lagarde and his interfering boss threatens to ruin Lagarde's reputation and lose him his position. His one chance at salvation arrives in the form of Jacky, an irascible self-taught cook with his own ideas.

Heli  2013  3.7 ★ 105 mins Drama Rated: NR
After his father vanishes, young Heli searches for him in a part of Mexico where people work either at an auto plant or for the local drug cartel. Along the way, Heli comes face-to-face with drug trafficking, sexual exploitation and corrupt cops.

Borgman  2013  3.5 ★ 118 mins Thrillers Rated: NR DVD Available: 09-Sep-2014
A self-important suburban family gets a rude awakening in this dark fable with the arrival of Camiel Borgman to their neighborhood. Their new neighbor infiltrates himself into their lives ... but is it possible that he's the devil?

Venus in Fur  2013  3.2 ★ 90 mins Drama Rated: NR
After a long search, a Parisian writer-director has found the perfect woman to play the lead in a provocative play about masochistic relationships. As he begins to work with her, he finds that she may be a little too perfect, both on and off stage.

Young & Beautiful  2013  3.4 ★ 94 mins Drama Rated: NR DVD Available: 26-Aug-2014
Told over the course of four seasons with four songs, this lyrical film portrays the coming of age of a 17-year-old French girl as she experiences a sexual awakening, explores love and goes on a quest to understand her own identity.

Citizen Koch  2013  3.4 ★ 110 mins Documentary Rated: NR DVD Available: 02-Sep-2014
In the wake of the Supreme Court's landmark Citizens United decision that lifted a century-long ban on restricted corporate election spending, this powerful documentary explores the mounting struggle between money and American democracy.

Who Is Dayani Cristal?  2013  3.5 ★ 82 mins Documentary Rated: NR
In the oppressive desert heat, Arizona authorities find a man's decomposing body with only one clue to his identity: a tattoo reading "Dayani Cristal." Gael García Bernal portrays the unknown man in dramatic segments of this intriguing documentary.

A Coffee in Berlin  2012  3.7 ★ 85 mins Comedy Rated: NR
Nothing seems to go right for Niko Fischer: His girlfriend dumps him, he loses his driver's license, and his father cuts him off financially. With nothing else to do, he wanders around Berlin, crossing paths with a slew of eccentric characters.

Before You Know It  2013  2.8 ★ 110 mins Gay & Lesbian Rated: NR
Examining the gap in social services, health insurance and community support for LGBTQ seniors, this compelling documentary follows three gay men over the course of a year as they navigate love, loneliness and life after 60.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2  2014  3.8 ★ Action & Adventure Rated: PG-13 DVD Available: 19-Aug-2014
Spider-Man squares off against the Rhino and the powerful Electro while struggling to keep his promise to leave Gwen Stacey out of his dangerous life. Meanwhile, an old friend resurfaces, and Peter Parker uncovers new clues about his past.

The Fault in Our Stars  2014  4.4 ★ Drama Rated: NR
Teenager Hazel, who has pushed people away since her cancer diagnosis, reluctantly joins a support group, where she bonds with a boy named Gus. Together, they face the challenge of building a relationship under the shadow of terminal illness.

The Signal  2014  3.3 ★ 95 mins Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: NR
During their drive across the country, college pals Nick and Jonah -- accompanied by Nick's girlfriend -- run into major trouble in the Nevada desert. Duped into a setup by an evil-minded hacker, the trio soon become the demented techie's prisoners.

Cold in July  2014  3.6 ★ 109 mins Drama Rated: NR DVD Available: 30-Sep-2014
When a man kills a home invader in self-defense, the burglar's father begins threatening the victim's young son. But soon, both men will become embroiled in a mystery that eclipses the violence and rage already in play.

The Neighbors  2012  4.0 ★ Television
When the Weavers move into an exclusive gated community in New Jersey, they soon discover it's an enclave of aliens disguised as humans. But they begin to bond with their extraterrestrial neighbors over similar marriage and parenthood challenges.

The Grand Seduction  2013  3.4 ★ 115 mins Comedy Rated: NR
The cash-strapped burg of Tickle Cove must persuade a doctor to move to town if they want a plastics manufacturer to build a new factory there. But selling the advantages of the tiny Newfoundland village to a young professional won't be easy.

Chinese Puzzle  2013  3.4 ★ 114 mins Foreign (English) Rated: NR
In this third installment of director Cédric Klapisch's trilogy about the complex life of Xavier Rousseau, the newly divorced novelist follows his ex-wife and children to the Big Apple, where he hopes to start over.

Siddharth  2013  3.0 ★ 96 mins Drama Rated: NR
After sending his 12-year-old son away to work, impoverished street merchant Mahendra Saini launches a search for the boy when he doesn't return on the expected date. But Mahendra has no money and no picture of his child, hampering the hunt.

God's Pocket  2014  3.1 ★ 87 mins Drama Rated: R DVD Available: 09-Sep-2014
Blue collar worker Mickey tries to cover things up when his stepson is killed in a suspicious construction accident, but a local reporter senses that something's amiss. As he's backed into a corner by the truth, Mickey struggles to find a way out.

How to Train Your Dragon 2  2014  4.3 ★ Children & Family Rated: NR DVD Available: 12-Dec-2014
Five years have passed, and while everyone else is caught up in dragon races, Hiccup and Toothless explore the island and make a shocking discovery. Will the mysterious Dragon Rider be friend or enemy to the rest of the island?

Jersey Boys  2014  3.7 ★ Music & Musicals Rated: NR
Adapted from the hit Broadway musical, this nostalgic look at the Four Seasons and their bumpy offstage lives stretches across four decades. Each of the musical act's four original members presents a different set of memories from their shared past.

The Rover  2014  3.5 ★ Thrillers Rated: NR
Set in a chaotic future, this Outback saga follows loner Eric's brutal ordeal when a criminal gang takes his car and leaves him nowhere with nothing. Soon, Eric decides to undertake a journey of vengeance, bringing along an injured gang member.

Obvious Child  2014  3.7 ★ 83 mins Comedy Rated: NR
After being fired from her job and dumped by her cheating boyfriend, a comedian bottoms out and has a drunken one-night stand with a nice guy who's not her type. Weeks later, she finds out she's pregnant.

Locke  2014  3.7 ★ 85 mins Drama Rated: R DVD Available: 12-Aug-2014
Over the space of 90 minutes, Ivan Locke's life spins out of control via a series of phone calls made while he drives down the highway to London. On the brink of a career-making moment, Ivan faces a personal decision that could cost him everything.

Ida  2013  3.7 ★ 80 mins Drama Rated: NR
Raised in a Catholic orphanage during the Nazi occupation of Poland, Anna is poised to join the order when she learns she has a surviving aunt. But visiting the woman before taking her vows uncovers some inconvenient truths about her heritage.

Redwood Highway  2013  3.0 ★ 95 mins Drama Rated: PG-13 DVD Available: 24-Jun-2014
Itching to get out of her retirement community but estranged from her family, Marie uses her granddaughter's wedding as an excuse to go on a walk. A long one. On foot on the Redwood highway, Marie sets out on the 80-mile journey to the ocean.

Moms' Night Out  2014  4.0 ★ 99 mins Comedy Rated: PG DVD Available: 02-Sep-2014
Yearning for an evening of dinner and conversation that does not involve their children, Allyson and her friends plan a night on the town. To be able to do this, however, their husbands need to watch the kids for a few hours. What can go wrong?

We Are the Best!  2013  3.4 ★ 102 mins Comedy Rated: NR DVD Available: 23-Sep-2014
Inspired by a graphic novel, this coming-of-age charmer set in 1980s Stockholm follows a trio of 13-year-old misfits who refuse to believe punk is dead, forming a band in spite of their collective lack of musicianship.

Life Itself  2014  4.1 ★ 112 mins Documentary Rated: NR
Follow Roger Ebert from his school newspaper days to his status as America's premier film critic in this documentary drawn from his memoir. The film covers his rivalry with fellow critic Gene Siskel, his alcoholism and his personal philosophies.

Lucky Them  2013  3.2 ★ 97 mins Comedy Rated: NR DVD Available: 30-Sep-2014
Seattle music journalist Ellie Klug is ordered to write a feature on her ex-boyfriend, celebrated musician Matthew Smith, who disappeared 10 years earlier, but her reluctant mission is complicated by the presence of Charlie, an amateur documentarian.

Edge of Tomorrow  2014  4.0 ★ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: NR
As Earth fights an alien invasion, Lt. Col. Bill Cage is killed in action, and a time loop forces him to continually relive his last day. With each iteration, Cage's skill grows, as does his understanding of the enemy and how it operates.

A Million Ways to Die in the West  2014  3.2 ★ Comedy Rated: NR
After backing out of a duel and losing his girlfriend, sheep farmer Albert slowly rebuilds his self-respect with the help of a married woman. But Albert's new solidity is put to the test when the woman's criminal husband rides into town.

Gabrielle  2013  3.7 ★ 104 mins Drama Rated: NR
Musicians Gabrielle and Martin fall in love and want to begin a relationship, which is against the rules at the home for the disabled where they live. Refusing to part with Martin, Gabrielle is determined to prove that she can live independently.

X-Men: Days of Future Past  2014  4.3 ★ Action & Adventure Rated: NR
This superhero sequel tracks Wolverine's journey back in time in an effort to alter history and prevent the annihilation of both humans and mutants. Conflict also develops between Professor X and Magneto about the X-Men's relations with humans.

Tammy  2014  3.3 ★ Comedy Rated: NR
Pushed to the limit after losing her job and discovering her husband's been cheating on her, Tammy agrees to flee town with her alcoholic grandmother. Their destination is Niagara Falls, but the journey offers some unexpected pit stops.

The Railway Man  2013  3.7 ★ 116 mins Drama Rated: NR DVD Available: 12-Aug-2014
Decades after his brutal captivity under the Japanese during World War II, Eric Lomax still has nightmares about the ordeal. But when he unexpectedly meets and falls for Patti, a bizarre coincidence brings his past back into focus.

Blended  2014  3.8 ★ Comedy Rated: PG-13 DVD Available: 23-Sep-2014
What's worse than a dreadful blind date between two single parents? Crossing paths once again -- but this time at a vacation resort with their kids in tow. This is the predicament in which Jim and Lauren find themselves in this romantic comedy.

Rio 2  2014  4.0 ★ 105 mins Children & Family Rated: NR DVD Available: 12-Aug-2014
Blu, Jewel and their three youngsters visit the Amazon, where they find adventure, friends old and new, and even a little danger. The family finds the rain forest in peril, but first they must contend with their old nemesis, Nigel the cockatoo.

22 Jump Street  2014  3.9 ★ Comedy Rated: NR
This follow-up to the film 21 Jump Street finds Schmidt and Jenko going undercover as college students to crack a fraternity crime ring. But college changes everyone, and the two find their divergent collegiate interests straining their relationship.

Oculus  2013  3.4 ★ 105 mins Horror Rated: R DVD Available: 02-Sep-2014
Now young adults, sibs Tim and Kaylie are still trying to recover from -- and get to the bottom of -- their parents' deaths more than a decade ago. Tim is skeptical, but Kaylie believes an antique mirror is to blame, and sets out to prove it.

Transcendence  2014  3.3 ★ 119 mins Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: PG-13 DVD Available: 12-Aug-2014
A husband-and-wife team of computer scientists works to advance artificial intelligence as a radical anti-technology organization fights to prevent them from creating a world where computers can transcend the abilities of the human brain.

Begin Again  2014  3.7 ★ 105 mins Drama Rated: R
Moving to New York City proves disastrous for a young singer after her boyfriend yields to the temptation of another woman. But opportunity comes knocking when she meets a recently axed music producer looking to launch her career -- and save his own.

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