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Caterpillar Nominated For/Won Awards 2010  2.5 ★ 85 mins Dramas Rated: NR RT:90%
In 1940, during the Second Sino-Japanese War, the people of a rural Japanese village eagerly await a hero's return. But Lt. Kurokawa's wife, Shigeko, receives a horrifying shock: Her husband has lost his arms and legs. Nevertheless, the villagers depend on Shigeko to do her duty to her country by caring for her mutilated husband. Shinobu Terajima, Keigo Kasuya and Emi Masuda star in this historical drama about the grim aftermath of war.

Beware the Gonzo Nominated For/Won Awards 2010  3.1 ★ 94 mins Comedies Rated: NR RT:44%
Eddie "Gonzo" Gilman is the head geek at his high school -- and determined to do something about it. When Gavin, the popular editor of the school paper, fires him, Eddie obtains revenge by establishing an underground paper of his own.

Strigoi Nominated For/Won Awards 2008  2.6 ★ 105 mins Horror Movies Rated: NR
Director Faye Jackson goes directly to the heart of the Romanian vampire myth in this darkly comedic horror fest set and shot in a post-Communist Romania, where old ways die hard -- especially when it comes to dealing with the undead, or &NFi;strigoi.&NFi_; When young Vlad's (Catalin Paraschiv) Western European education fails to land him the easy life, he returns to his Romanian village, only to find murder afoot ... and a plague of vampires ...

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls Nominated For/Won Awards 2009  3.1 ★ 84 mins Documentaries Rated: NR
Trace the fascinating lives of New Zealand's provocative music and comedy duo Jools and Linda Topp through this enjoyable documentary, which details the lesbian twins' rural upbringing, political activism and immense popularity at home and abroad. Featuring hilarious interviews with several of the sisters' most outrageous alter egos, this joyous celebration also includes brilliant insights into New Zealand's history.

Daniel and the Superdogs Nominated For/Won Awards 2004  2.6 ★ 102 mins Children & Family Movies Rated: NR
Following his mother's death, young Daniel starts getting into trouble at school and in his town. At the suggestion of his father, Daniel begins working at a kennel, where he soon discovers great happiness training a dog for an upcoming contest.

Snake Eyes Nominated For/Won Awards 1998  3.1 ★ 98 mins Thrillers Rated: R RT:40%
When corrupt homicide cop Rick Santoro witnesses a murder during a boxing match, it's up to him and his lifelong friend Kevin Dunne -- a naval intelligence agent -- to uncover the conspiracy behind the killing in this riveting thriller.

Bless the Child Nominated For/Won Awards 2000  3.3 ★ 107 mins Horror Movies Rated: R
Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger stars as psychiatric nurse Maggie O'Connor, a woman whose ordinary life becomes anything but routine when she uncovers a frightening, dark truth. As she raises her 6-year-old niece Cody, who was abandoned as an infant, Maggie gets swept up in a murder mystery involving the supernatural when Cody is kidnapped by a satanic cult leader. Jimmy Smits stars as the cop who helps Maggie in her fight against evil.

Shane Nominated For/Won Awards 1953  3.7 ★ 117 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR RT:97%
Amid stunning vistas, this Oscar-winning Western from director George Stevens follows a reformed gunslinger whose determination to avoid a fight is tested when greedy cattle barons threaten the community of homesteaders he's joined.

The Weather Man Nominated For/Won Awards 2005  2.9 ★ 101 mins Comedies Rated: R RT:59%
Chicago weatherman Dave Spritz gets one step closer to fame and fortune when he's invited to try out for a spot on a popular national morning show. All he has to do is pull himself together, but that proves increasingly difficult.

Babel Nominated For/Won Awards 2006  3.3 ★ 143 mins Dramas Rated: R RT:69%
When an American couple (Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett) vacationing in Morocco fall victim to a random act of violence, a series of events unfolds across four countries that demonstrates both the necessity and impossibility of human communication. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu artfully weaves together three seemingly disparate stories in this Oscar nominee for Best Picture and Golden Globe winner for Best Drama.

Margot at the Wedding Nominated For/Won Awards 2007  2.5 ★ 92 mins Comedies Rated: R RT:52%
After arriving to attend the wedding of her semi-estranged sister, a judgmental writer quickly takes a dislike to her sibling's unemployed fiancé and proceeds to radiate turmoil with her sniping -- which threatens to put an end to the nuptials.

Sliding Doors Nominated For/Won Awards 1998  3.5 ★ 99 mins Comedies Rated: PG-13 RT:63%
Two wholly different universes unfold in writer-director Peter Howitt's romantic fantasy about alternate realities, the reliability of subway schedules and the role fate plays in shaping random lives.

The Phantom Nominated For/Won Awards 1996  3.1 ★ 100 mins Action & Adventure Rated: PG
Lee Falk's comic strip comes to life in 1930s New York City, where the purple-clad Phantom's longtime effort to crush a culture of evil pits him -- and his dashing alter ego, Kit Walker -- against megalomaniacal villain Xander Drax.

You Can Count on Me Nominated For/Won Awards 2000  3.5 ★ 111 mins Dramas Rated: R RT:95%
Single mother Samantha Prescott is already preoccupied with raising her son, who's become sullen -- and curious about his missing father -- when her wayward brother appears on the scene to borrow money ... and instantly bonds with the boy.

Eat This New York Nominated For/Won Awards 2004  2.9 ★ 80 mins Documentaries Rated: NR
Documentarians Andrew Rossi and Kate Novack intercut scenes of the trials and tribulations of two young restaurateurs with interviews with some of New York City's most successful and famous restaurateurs in this engaging film. Daniel Boulud (Cafe Boulud), Keith McNally (Balthazar) and Danny Meyer (Gramercy Tavern) tell of their humble beginnings and how they were able to make it in a city where most eateries close within five years.

United Red Army Nominated For/Won Awards 2007  2.2 ★ 190 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Based on actual events, this tense Japanese docudrama details the formation of early-1970s leftist paramilitary group the United Red Army, the turmoil and strife within its ranks, and several members' perilous attempt to seize a mountainside lodge. Directed by former URA member Kôji Wakamatsu, this riveting exploration of human nature's dark side stars Maki Sakai, Arata, Akie Namiki and Go Jibiki.

Nightwatch Nominated For/Won Awards 1997  3.1 ★ 101 mins Thrillers Rated: R
Law student Martin Bells (Ewan McGregor) takes a job as the night watchman in a creepy city morgue. But when a serial killer's mutilated victims begin to pile up, Martin finds himself at odds with a surly police detective (Nick Nolte). To make things worse, all the clues seem to point to Martin, and he'll have a hell of a time trying to clear his name. Patricia Arquette, Lauren Graham and Josh Brolin co-star in this moody thriller.

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations Nominated For/Won Awards 2009  3.2 ★ 90 mins Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: R
When he finds that he has the ability to travel through time, a teenager uses his newfound power to unravel the mystery surrounding his girlfriend's untimely death. Despite noble intentions, he inadvertently unleashes the wrath of a serial killer.

District 13: Ultimatum Nominated For/Won Awards 2009  3.5 ★ 101 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
Set two years after the action in Pierre Morel and Luc Besson's District 13, this French-language sequel follows Capt. Damien Tomaso (Cyril Raffaelli) and Leito (David Belle) on their quest to clean up crime and corruption in the city. With the territory divided into five distinct neighborhoods created along ethnic lines, they have their work cut out for them. But they've also got a secret weapon: a will to defy the odds.

The Prankster Nominated For/Won Awards 2010  2.6 ★ 117 mins Comedies Rated: NR
Shy, academically talented high schooler Chris Karas leads a double life as one of the Pranksters, a group of brilliant student practical jokers. But conflict arises when his ambition conflicts with the goals of the group.

Somewhere Nominated For/Won Awards 2004  2.4 ★ 88 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Thousands of miles from home, American travelers Ben and Lauri meet and soon become smitten. As the couple travels through Thailand and Malaysia, they begin questioning the direction of their lives and explore the possibility of a future together.

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! Nominated For/Won Awards 2006  2.3 ★ 90 mins Horror Movies Rated: NR
A single mother leaves her special-needs son in the care of her boyfriend and his friend, who cruelly abuse the little boy. But a killer dressed as the Easter Bunny sets out to avenge their demented crimes.

Harlem Aria Nominated For/Won Awards 1999  3.1 ★ 100 mins Dramas Rated: R
Harlem kid Anton (Gabriel Casseus) is young, black and gifted with a voice of operatic beauty. A mental disability can't hamper his plans for stardom, which combust when Anton hears pianist Matthew (Christian Camargo) playing Verdi in the park and breaks into song. While Matthew is cynical and Anton too trusting, silver-tongued street buddy Wes (Damon Wayans) has enough gumption to go around, and he's determined to land the duo in the limelight.

Meet Monica Velour Nominated For/Won Awards 2010  2.9 ★ 99 mins Comedies Rated: R RT:48%
Eccentric teenager Tobe loves 1980s soft-core "art movies" so much that he steals his grandfather's Wienermobile and travels cross-country to meet his favorite star -- but the reality of her life is more than he bargains for.

On Any Sunday II Nominated For/Won Awards 1981  3.2 ★ 93 mins Documentaries Rated: PG
This follow-up to the highly successful film that many motorcycle racing enthusiasts view as gospel features racing giant and world champion Bruce Penhall. You'll be visually awed by dynamic cycling set against a vibrant desert background as well as on the road and at tracks all over the planet. Also includes clips from interviews and the championship races of Brad Lackey, Bob Hannah and Kenny Roberts.

The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue Nominated For/Won Awards 1998  3.4 ★ 68 mins Children & Family Movies Rated: G
To follow in his father's footsteps and become a hero, Mrs. Brisby's son Timmy heads off to live with the rats of NIMH. When he learns that a group of mice is still imprisoned inside the testing lab, Timmy sets up a daring rescue.

Joe Nominated For/Won Awards 1970  2.9 ★ 107 mins Dramas Rated: R
Starchy advertising executive Bill Compton forms an unlikely alliance with bigoted blue-collar worker Joe Curran to find Bill's daughter when she escapes from a mental facility after learning that her father murdered her drug-peddling lover.

Hidden Agenda Nominated For/Won Awards 1990  2.9 ★ 109 mins Thrillers Rated: R
This politically charged thriller stars Frances McDormand as Ingrid Jessner, a member of a panel investigating British atrocities in Northern Ireland who's determined to find out the truth behind her boyfriend's assassination.

Just 4 Kicks Nominated For/Won Awards 2003  3.2 ★ 92 mins Children & Family Movies Rated: PG
The Sprouse twins -- Cole and Dylan -- star in their first feature about a man who teaches them how to rise above adversity and win soccer games. Trouble is, some thugs are hunting the mysterious man ... and that could affect the championship game.

Courage Mountain Nominated For/Won Awards 1990  3.6 ★ 100 mins Children & Family Movies Rated: PG
In this sequel to the classic Heidi, the spirited orphan -- now a teenager -- is sent to an Italian boarding school at the dawn of World War I. When the German army takes control of the school, Heidi tries desperately to return to her grandfather.

Babes in Toyland Nominated For/Won Awards 1997  3.0 ★ 74 mins Children & Family Movies Rated: G
In the make-believe realm of Toyland, lovely Mary Contrary must be saved from marrying the evil Barnaby instead of her true love, Jack Be Nimble, in this animated rendition of composer Victor Herbert's tuneful children's classic.

Change Nothing Nominated For/Won Awards 2009  2.3 ★ 95 mins Documentaries Rated: NR
Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa captures actress and singer Jeanne Balibar in performances, rehearsals and the recording studio, creating a vivid portrait of the creative process -- its tensions and joys, frustrations and catharses.

Putty Hill Nominated For/Won Awards 2010  2.3 ★ 87 mins Dramas Rated: NR RT:78%
In a vacant house in Baltimore's skid row, a young man named Cory dies of a heroin overdose. As his friends and family convene for his funeral, their reflections reveal as much about the condition of the city as their tragic loss.

Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven Nominated For/Won Awards 2007  2.7 ★ 78 mins Documentaries Rated: NR
Filmmaker Andrew Rossi documents a year in the life of renowned Manhattan restaurateur Sirio Maccioni as he closes the doors of his celebrated Le Cirque restaurant in 2005, then works feverishly to update, relocate and reopen a year later.

The Wall Nominated For/Won Awards 2002  2.4 ★ 91 mins Foreign Movies Rated: NR
Jordan Chan stars in this crime drama as Dick, who, along with his best friend Joe, has been a member of an organized crime syndicate since his teens. But Dick and Joe's partnership is temporarily broken up when Joe is put in jail after a hit the duo carried out. Upon his release, Joe decides he wants nothing more to do with the criminal life. But before he can get out, a boss forces him to do one last hit ... and the target is Dick.

Tales from the Crypt: Ritual Nominated For/Won Awards 2001  3.2 ★ 106 mins Horror Movies Rated: R
Stripped of her license when a patient dies, Dr. Alice Dodgson (Jennifer Grey) moves to Jamaica and accepts a job ministering to a man (Daniel Lapaine) suffering from encephalitis ... and claiming to be hexed by voodoo curse. As Alice is drawn into the world of the supernatural, she finds her staunch belief in science put to the test -- and her life put in danger. Craig Sheffer, Tim Curry and Kristen Wilson round out the cast of this eerie chi...

Protektor Nominated For/Won Awards 2009  2.7 ★ 102 mins Dramas Rated: NR
As the Nazis occupy Prague, radio host Emil Vrbata (Marek Daniel) tries to protect his Jewish spouse, Hana (Jana Plodkov√°), by collaborating with the Germans in this atmospheric drama that examines the role the media played during World War II. Despite Emil's broadcasting of enemy propaganda, Hana is threatened with internment -- and the couple's deteriorating marriage reaches a turning point when a Nazi official is assassinated.

What the #$*! Do We Know!? Nominated For/Won Awards 2004  3.3 ★ 146 mins Documentaries Rated: NR
When she's thrust from her mundane life into an unfamiliar world, Amanda must develop an all-new perception of her surroundings and the people she interacts with in this quirky film that explores neurological processes and quantum uncertainty.

Relax ... It's Just Sex Nominated For/Won Awards 1998  3.4 ★ 110 mins Gay & Lesbian Movies Rated: R
Tara Ricotto (Jennifer Tilly) has a diverse group of friends -- gay, straight, bisexual -- and they're all working on coming to terms with one another and their issues. Love, sex, health and childbirth are among the topics the group discusses lightheartedly. That is, until one gay couple is attacked. Responses to the attack vary within the circle of friends as the comedy gives way to seriousness and Tara does her best to nurture all.

Carrie Nominated For/Won Awards 2002  3.5 ★ 132 mins Horror Movies Rated: NR
This remake of the classic 1976 horror flick finds misfit Carrie getting revenge on all the people who've bullied her over the years. As the teenager develops physically, her telekinetic abilities also blossom with a power she's never had before.

The Door in the Floor Nominated For/Won Awards 2004  3.1 ★ 111 mins Dramas Rated: R RT:66%
A children's book writer and his wife struggle to cope with the deaths of their teenage sons while still caring for their young daughter. But they must hire an assistant to help them function when they realize they can't do it alone.

Steel Sharks Nominated For/Won Awards 1997  3.1 ★ 94 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
When a chemical-weapons expert is taken hostage by insurgents, a team of Navy SEALS known as the Steel Sharks heads to Iran on a rescue mission to save him, only to be captured and held aboard a nuclear submarine.

City of Life and Death Nominated For/Won Awards 2009  3.7 ★ 135 mins Dramas Rated: R RT:93%
Director Chuan Lu pulls off a rare feat by providing a clear-eyed drama about an event in Chinese-Japanese history -- the 1937 Rape of Nanking following that city's capture by Japan -- that still casts a shadow over relations between the countries. Shot in black and white, the film chronicles the six-week period through the eyes of multiple characters -- including a Japanese soldier, a refugee camp supervisor, a resistance fighter and others.

A Man Apart Nominated For/Won Awards 2003  3.6 ★ 105 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
When a man known as Diablo takes over as the new leader of a drug cartel, the wife of a DEA agent devoted to ending the drug war along the U.S.-Mexico border gets caught in the crossfire.

Next Stop Wonderland Nominated For/Won Awards 1998  3.2 ★ 96 mins Comedies Rated: R RT:74%
When Erin (Hope Davis) is dumped by her boyfriend (Philip Seymour Hoffman), her mother (Holland Taylor) places embarrassing personal ads on her behalf. Erin reluctantly goes out with a string of men, but a lonely plumber (Alan Gelfant) with aspirations to be a marine biologist keeps crossing her path. If the two could only meet, they might make the perfect pair. Directed by Brad Anderson, the film earned a spot at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival.

Gang Related Nominated For/Won Awards 1997  3.6 ★ 116 mins Dramas Rated: R
Not averse to stepping over the line, New York cops Divinci (James Belushi) and Rodriguez (Tupac Shakur) do what it takes to clean the hood of drug dealers. But when they accidentally kill an undercover DEA agent, they try to cover it up by framing a homeless man. The two soon find themselves drawn into even deeper deception, however, when they're tasked with solving the murder. Dennis Quaid and Lela Rochon co-star in this tense drama.

Flying Tigers Nominated For/Won Awards 1942  3.5 ★ 101 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR
John Wayne stars as stalwart squadron leader Capt. Jim Gordon in this Oscar-nominated action film. Gordon tries to rein in a reckless fighter pilot while romancing a pretty Red Cross nurse. Depicting the drama-filled months before the U.S. entered World War II, when volunteer aviators known as the Flying Tigers joined with the Chinese to battle the Japanese against overwhelming odds, this film was the first of Wayne's inspiring war movies.

The Big Boss Nominated For/Won Awards 1972  4.1 ★ 90 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
In his film debut, Bruce Lee plays Cheng, a young man who works at an ice factory alongside his cousins. Turns out the factory fronts as a drug-smuggling ring, and after three of his cousins go missing, Cheng decides it's time to confront the boss.

Rann Nominated For/Won Awards 2010  3.4 ★ 145 mins Dramas Rated: NR
In this socially conscious drama, Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma sheds light on the interplay between news media and politics -- and one man's fight to preserve some semblance of journalistic integrity -- in modern-day India.

Ghajini Nominated For/Won Awards 2008  3.7 ★ 183 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR
After a vicious attack claims the life of his girlfriend and leaves him with a debilitating case of short-term memory loss, mobile phone mogul Sanjay Singhania sets out on a quest to bring down the perpetrators that have ruined his life.

Russell Peters: Red, White and Brown Nominated For/Won Awards 2008  4.2 ★ 78 mins Comedies Rated: NR
International comedy sensation Russell Peters brings his hilarious Homecoming Tour to the stage of Madison Square Garden's WaMu Theater, where he shares his hysterical thoughts on ethnic stereotypes, his own body hair, the World Cup and much more.

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic Nominated For/Won Awards 2008  3.5 ★ 136 mins Comedies Rated: NR
When preoccupied businessman Ranbeer causes a car accident, a judge orders him to raise the four children whose parents were killed in the crash. Luckily, God sends help: his lovable angel, Geeta, in the form of a good-natured nanny.

Mirageman Nominated For/Won Awards 2007  2.9 ★ 87 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
A shy, inconspicuous man named Maco (Marko Zaror) decides to become a self-made superhero when he gains national notoriety for unintentionally rescuing a television reporter from the clutches of two dangerous criminals. Action director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza follows the success of his South American breakout film, Kiltro, with this martial arts gem that also stars Maria Elena Swett, Ariel Mateluna and Mauricio Pesutic.

Tashan Nominated For/Won Awards 2008  2.8 ★ 120 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR
In this action-packed Bollywood adventure, a trio of travelers -- Jimmy, a call center executive, Bachchan, Jimmy's nemesis, and Pooja, a ravishing beauty who is prone to lying -- take a life-altering journey across India.

Dharm Nominated For/Won Awards 2007  3.4 ★ 103 mins Dramas Rated: NR
A priest and his wife find their lives forever changed when they decide to adopt a baby left on their doorstep. When the child's mother shows up four years later and reveals that she's a Muslim, it prompts them to question their Hindu faith.

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag Nominated For/Won Awards 2007  3.6 ★ 155 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Badki moves to Mumbai, where she finds work and sends money home to pay for her sister's education. But her success comes at a dear price. After hiding her secret double life, Badki must think fast when her sibling also moves to Mumbai.

Lamhe Nominated For/Won Awards 1991  3.5 ★ 187 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Virin falls desperately in love with Pallavi, but his shyness prevents him from revealing his true feelings. His dreams of winning her fade completely when he finds out that she's to marry another man ... but all may not be lost.

Chandni Nominated For/Won Awards 1989  3.4 ★ 175 mins Dramas Rated: NR
When her fiancé is paralyzed in an accident, Chandni starts afresh in Mumbai, where she falls in love with her handsome new boss and agrees to marry him. But by coincidence her two lovers become good friends, leaving her to make a painful choice.

Aaina Nominated For/Won Awards 1993  3.1 ★ 144 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Sibling rivalry erupts when outspoken Roma and her timid younger sister, Reema, develop feelings for the same man, Ravi, who in turn falls for Roma -- until she leaves him at the altar. But when Ravi romances Reema, Roma returns to cause more grief.

Daag Nominated For/Won Awards 1973  2.6 ★ 146 mins Dramas Rated: NR
After killing a man who attacked his wife, Sunil escapes police custody, changes his identity, starts a new life and remarries. But in a strange twist of fate, his first wife moves to Sunil's new town. Will the two find each other again?

Darr Nominated For/Won Awards 1993  3.4 ★ 165 mins Foreign Movies Rated: NR
This story centers on a borderline psychotic young man named Rahul who's dangerously obsessed with a college student named Kiran. When Rahul realizes Kiran is engaged to a naval officer, he vows to stop the wedding and possess her once and for all.

Dil To Pagal Hai Nominated For/Won Awards 1997  3.7 ★ 179 mins Dramas Rated: NR
In this award-winning Bollywood drama, dance-troupe choreographer Rahul rejects love, but that doesn't stop lead dancer Nisha from falling for him. But when Nisha becomes injured, Rahul replaces her with Pooja and falls in love with her instead.

Yeh Dillagi Nominated For/Won Awards 1994  3.1 ★ 145 mins Dramas Rated: NR
When his mother, Shanti, forbids charismatic playboy Vicky to date gorgeous Sapna, the daughter of a family servant, his responsible older brother, Vijay, tries to help his sibling understand -- only to fall for the girl himself.

Mashaal Nominated For/Won Awards 1984  2.8 ★ 161 mins Dramas Rated: NR
When intrepid newspaperman Vinod Kumar loses his job for exposing a corrupt government official, he descends into Bombay's underworld to continue his crusade. But even the help of a reformed gangster may not save him from the lure of easy power.

Mohabbatein Nominated For/Won Awards 2000  3.7 ★ 216 mins Dramas Rated: NR
With the support of a teacher who advises the boys to follow their hearts, three teens experience the confusion of love and its many layers: Sameer pines for a childhood friend; rugged Vicky caters to the spoiled Ishika; and Karan falls for a widow.

Saathiya Nominated For/Won Awards 2002  3.6 ★ 138 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Unbeknownst to their families, Suhani and Aditya fall in love and get married. But when the families find out, the young couple must relocate and set up house on their own -- no small task, when you're just starting out as newlyweds.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge! Nominated For/Won Awards 2002  3.6 ★ 149 mins Comedies Rated: NR
When his family moves to London, Raj is separated from his friends Pooja and Tina, but for years he stays in touch with the spirited Tina via email ... or so he thinks. Raj's real cyberspace pen pal is Pooja, who's always been smitten with him.

Hum Tum Nominated For/Won Awards 2004  3.8 ★ 120 mins Comedies Rated: NR
On a flight from Delhi to New York, flirtatious cartoonist Karan tries to woo Rhea, but the strong-willed woman gives him the cold shoulder. Never one to give up easily, Karan vows he'll see her again -- but their next meeting ends in disaster.

Doosra Aadmi Nominated For/Won Awards 1973  2.6 ★ 136 mins Dramas Rated: PG
Determined not to follow in his father's footsteps, ambitious Karan starts his own advertising agency. All goes well until he hires Nisha, a top designer who harbors a secret that threatens to destroy Karan's happy marriage.

Kaala Patthar Nominated For/Won Awards 1979  2.8 ★ 176 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR
Inspired by real events, this drama follows three improbable heroes -- a disgraced naval officer, an ex-con and a compassionate engineer -- who join forces to save hundreds of trapped men when disaster strikes at the coal mine where they work.

Sawaal Nominated For/Won Awards 1982  2.0 ★ 129 mins Dramas Rated: PG
The daughter of powerful smuggler Seth Dhanpath Rai falls for a policeman and wants to marry him despite her father's objections. But when his son also chooses a more honorable path in life, Dhanpath Rai realizes its time to rethink his priorities.

Dhoom Nominated For/Won Awards 2004  3.6 ★ 129 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR
With few clues to go on, policeman Jai tracks a gang of bike-riding robbers. His investigation leads him to Ali, a womanizing, bicycle-racing slacker. Jai convinces the reluctant Ali to help him, and they set out to bring the crooks to justice.

Sins Nominated For/Won Awards 2005  2.5 ★ 134 mins Dramas Rated: NR
This controversial film follows the exploits of two passionate lovers in a relationship that was doomed from the start. Father Williams and young Rosemary begin a seemingly innocent association, but the relationship quickly turns intensely physical.

Story of a Love Affair Nominated For/Won Awards 1950  3.1 ★ 98 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Avant-garde Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni's first narrative feature depicts a stark tale of jealousy, passion and betrayal. Consumed by the thought that his young wife, Paola (Lucia Bose), is cheating on him, Enrico (Massimo Girotti) hires a detective, Carloni (Gino Rossi), to tail her. Ironically, Enrico's actions result in Paola's reunion with ex-lover Guido (Massimo Girotti), and the two begin an illicit affair.

Faasle Nominated For/Won Awards 1985  2.1 ★ 136 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Love works its magic when Vijay crosses paths with lovely Chandni, and the two hope to wed after gaining their families' approval. Meanwhile, Vijay locks horns with well-to-do widower Vikram -- who turns out to be none other than Chandni's father.

Noorie Nominated For/Won Awards 1979  2.4 ★ 114 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Young and beautiful Noorie is in love with Yusuf, and together they hope to build a life and a family. But their blissful reverie is shattered by a couple of village goons who take advantage of the young woman. Can their love survive this trial?

Salaam Namaste Nominated For/Won Awards 2005  3.5 ★ 152 mins Comedies Rated: NR
Young and in love, chef Nick and radio DJ Ambar decide to move in together and, in the process, begin to doubt if they're meant for each other. Living in the hip city of Melbourne, the warring couple is left to decide if they can salvage their union.

Main Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara Nominated For/Won Awards 2005  3.3 ★ 90 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Once known for his intellectual prowess, a retired professor begins having memory lapses and periods of forgetfulness. Soon it's clear that the symptoms are a sign of a more serious illness, prompting his grown daughter to move in as his caretaker.

Neal 'n Nikki Nominated For/Won Awards 2005  2.9 ★ 105 mins Comedies Rated: NR
In this romantic comedy, man-about-town Neal consents to an arranged marriage, with one condition: He gets to live it up in Vancouver before taking the plunge. But upon arriving, he crosses paths with ditsy waitress Nikki, who derails all his plans.

Kabul Express Nominated For/Won Awards 2006  3.2 ★ 106 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR
Indian reporters Jai and Suhel, Afghan taxi driver Khyber and American journalist Jessica are taken on a perilous journey when Khyber's cab is hijacked by Imran, a Pakistani soldier and Talibani seeking safe passage across the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Nominated For/Won Awards 2007  3.0 ★ 132 mins Dramas Rated: NR
Sparks fly when strangers Rikki and Alvira strike up a conversation while waiting for their significant others at a train station. After they part ways, both realize they've just met their soul mate. But will these true romantics ever get together?

Aaja Nachle Nominated For/Won Awards 2007  3.5 ★ 143 mins Dramas Rated: PG
Theater actress Diya contemplates life and creativity with her director (and onetime lover) and a younger actress in this joyous musical from India. Meanwhile, Diya tries to brighten the lives of the people in her small town through dance and song.

Hildegarde Nominated For/Won Awards 2001  2.4 ★ 90 mins Children & Family Movies Rated: PG
A widow must provide for her three children and their pet (a duck!). Enter the villainous Wolf, who wants to purloin the bird for use in a wildlife sideshow that decoys attention from his main business -- selling exotic birds on the black market.

Drones Nominated For/Won Awards 2010  2.6 ★ 96 mins Comedies Rated: R
Brian Dilks has spent six years toiling in anonymity at Omnilink, the high point of his days being his ongoing flirtation with Amy. But when a revelation by his best friend blows the lid off his world, life at Omnilink may never be the same.

Louis C.K.: Hilarious Nominated For/Won Awards 2009  4.4 ★ 84 mins Comedies Rated: NR
Filmed in April 2009 during a stop on his Hilarious tour, Emmy-winning comedy writer Louis C.K. brings his caustic wit to the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wis., offering up his unique and uncensored take on sex, parenting and more. Honest, politically incorrect and profane to the core, Hilarious is the first-ever stand-up comedy film to screen at Sundance, though it marks Louis C.K.'s third entry in the illustrious festival.

The Dark Half Nominated For/Won Awards 1993  3.2 ★ 122 mins Horror Movies Rated: R
In this chilling tale, author Thad Beaumont writes terrifying murder novels under the pen name George Stark. Eager to branch out, Beaumont plots to separate himself from his nom de plume by staging a mock killing of his alter ego.

Parents Nominated For/Won Awards 1989  3.2 ★ 83 mins Comedies Rated: R
In this horror-comedy set in the stuffy 1950s, Michael has everything his 10-year-old heart could desire, including a great dinner every night. Soon he questions where all the leftovers come from and discovers his parents are cannibals!

Rollerball Nominated For/Won Awards 1975  3.1 ★ 125 mins Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: R RT:68%
In the future, global megacorporations maintain their power by channeling and releasing human hostility through rollerball -- an anything-goes, worldwide sport designed to show the forcibly subdued populace that individualism is futile.

Posse Nominated For/Won Awards 1993  3.3 ★ 113 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
Try this flick for a new spin on the classic Western. A cadre of outlaws tear through the West, hell-bent on glory and revenge. But this time, the desperados are mainly black. Mario Van Peebles leads the gang (the great supporting cast includes Isaac Hayes, Woody Strode and Pam Grier, among others) in a fight against hissable villain Billy Zane.

Office Space Nominated For/Won Awards 1999  4.1 ★ 90 mins Comedies Rated: R RT:79%
In a film that takes plenty of jabs at the nihilism of corporate life, Ron Livingston plays office drone Peter Gibbons, who conspires with his cubicle cohorts to embezzle money from their soulless employers. With help and hindrance from those around him -- including eminently quotable workplace nerd Milton Waddams (Stephen Root) -- and the affection of waitress Joanna (Jennifer Aniston), Gibbons might just find his sanity … and his revenge.

The Mod Squad Nominated For/Won Awards 1999  2.7 ★ 94 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
Three teen offenders get the chance to serve the law instead of breaking it in this remake of the classic 1970s police drama. Dennis Farina plays the police captain who turns the trio from wayward youths into effective detectives.

Blue Hawaii Nominated For/Won Awards 1961  3.5 ★ 101 mins Classic Movies Rated: PG
Chad Gates just wants to sing, chase girls and have fun. Chad's mom, however, wants her ex-soldier son to come work in the family pineapple business. But Chad is too busy catching up with his buddies, making up with his girlfriend and singing.

Antitrust Nominated For/Won Awards 2001  3.4 ★ 108 mins Action & Adventure Rated: PG-13 RT:24%
Villainous software magnate Gary Winston hires computer whiz Milo Hoffman to help his company, NURV, develop a new satellite-communications system. At first, it's a dream job, but Milo's best friend soon meets with tragedy.

Rhyme & Reason Nominated For/Won Awards 1997  3.6 ★ 93 mins Documentaries Rated: R
Director Peter Spirer spotlights the world and culture of hip-hop, examining its popularity and future. He covers such frequent rap song topics as race, violence, police, family and sex as he talks to a variety of performers from both coasts.

The African Queen Nominated For/Won Awards 1951  4.1 ★ 105 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR RT:100%
Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart), the booze-guzzling, rough-hewn captain of a broken-down East African riverboat, teams with a straitlaced, iron-willed missionary (Katharine Hepburn) to take on a menacing German gunboat during World War I.

The Dam Busters Nominated For/Won Awards 1955  3.7 ★ 120 mins Dramas Rated: NR
This critically acclaimed film centers on the invention and development of the breakthrough World War II-era "bouncing bomb," an explosive designed to drop into reservoirs and cause massive flooding to Germany's industrial hub.

Bread and Roses Nominated For/Won Awards 2000  3.3 ★ 110 mins Dramas Rated: R
An immigrant named Maya who crosses the Mexican border to join her sister, Rosa, gets a job as a janitor in a large office building. Outraged by the boss's mistreatment of the workers, Maya teams up with a union organizer to fight for justice.

City on Fire Nominated For/Won Awards 1987  3.0 ★ 105 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
Often cited as the inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's first film, Reservoir Dogs, this Hong Kong kung fu action thriller features Chow Yun-Fat at his best. Ko Chow (Yun-Fat) is a police detective who goes undercover to shake down jewel thieves. When he is injured in the middle of a heist, the thieves suspect he is an infiltrator. Guns blaze and cars speed in this fast-paced film from Ringo Lam (Triangle).

He Said, She Said Nominated For/Won Awards 1991  3.1 ★ 115 mins Comedies Rated: PG-13
A conservative cad and a mild-mannered liberal are journalists whose views differ on everything. But when they're pitted against each other in competing newspaper columns and a TV show, they discover they have one thing in common: They're in love.

The Wash Nominated For/Won Awards 2001  3.4 ★ 93 mins Comedies Rated: R
Mild-mannered Sean's troublemaking roommate Dee-Loc, who works at a car wash in the 'hood, helps Sean get a job. But when the car wash's owner is kidnapped by a couple of goofball hoodlums, Sean and Dee-Loc find they'll need to raise even more money.

The Cat's Meow Nominated For/Won Awards 2001  3.0 ★ 112 mins Dramas Rated: PG-13 RT:75%
Peter Bogdanovich directs this historical fiction about the death of down-on-his-luck film pioneer Thomas Ince, who met his demise during a weekend outing on media mogul William Randolph Hearst's yacht.

The Harmonists Nominated For/Won Awards 1997  3.6 ★ 105 mins Dramas Rated: R
Set against the backdrop of 1930s Nazi Germany, this biographical drama is less about the encroaching world war than it is about the music that defined the individuals of the close-harmony vocal ensemble known as the Comedian Harmonists. Adored across Deutschland, the Harmonists begin to feel the weight of politics and prejudice when their Jewish members are forbidden from performing in public.

April Fool's Day Nominated For/Won Awards 1986  3.1 ★ 90 mins Horror Movies Rated: R RT:31%
A group of college friends gather at an heiress's island mansion to celebrate their final year of school. As secrets come to light, bodies start piling up -- but are they really dead, or just part of an elaborate and cruel April Fool's joke?

Blue in the Face Nominated For/Won Awards 1995  3.2 ★ 83 mins Comedies Rated: R
As a stand-alone movie or as a companion to the critically acclaimed Wayne Wang movie Smoke, this faux-documentary captures improvised scenes using the same cast as Wang's movie and others who dropped by during filming.

The Good Thief Nominated For/Won Awards 2003  3.0 ★ 109 mins Dramas Rated: R RT:77%
In acclaimed director Neil Jordan's remake of Jean-Pierre Melville's classic Bob le Flambeur, Nick Nolte stars as Bob Montagnet, a middle-aged gambler caught up in the seedy underworld of Nice, France. When a last-ditch effort to free himself from his self-destructive spiral of drugs and gambling falls through, Montagnet faces his toughest hand yet. Tcheky Karyo also stars in this stylish neo-noir crime thriller.

Oleanna Nominated For/Won Awards 1994  3.0 ★ 90 mins Dramas Rated: NR
In this gripping drama, two people's lives hang on differing interpretations of the truth when a failing student goes to her college professor for help with her studies and later lodges claims of sexual harassment.

Whispering Smith Nominated For/Won Awards 1948  3.4 ★ 89 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR
A railroad officer finds his convictions tested when an old friend loses his job and starts disrupting the trains out of rage. But his growing feelings for his friend's estranged wife only serve to make things more complicated.

Beyblade: Fierce Battle: The Movie Nominated For/Won Awards 2005  3.6 ★ 71 mins TV Shows Rated: NR
This feature-length anime adventure pits National Beyblade Champion Tyson against mysterious newcomer Daichi, who wants desperately to become the next title holder. When it comes time for the two of them to face off, however, evil spirits with deadly intentions are unleashed into the atmosphere. In order to save the human race, Tyson and the Bladebreakers must step in to save the day, but will they be able to react in time?

Disco Worms Nominated For/Won Awards 2008  2.8 ★ 78 mins Children & Family Movies Rated: PG
Barry is a spirited earthworm, despite his humdrum job at the local compost heap. But everything changes when he stumbles across an old disco record and devotes his life to a serious cause: forming a band and winning an annual song contest.

Dying Breed Nominated For/Won Awards 2008  3.1 ★ 91 mins Horror Movies Rated: R RT:50%
Eight years ago, Nina's sister disappeared in the Australian backcountry while searching for the mythical Tasmanian tiger. With only one clue -- a photograph of a mysterious paw print -- in hand, Nina sets out to continue her sister's work.

HappyThankYouMorePlease Nominated For/Won Awards 2011  3.7 ★ 98 mins Comedies Rated: R RT:39%
On the way to meet a publisher, aspiring novelist Sam (Josh Radnor) encounters Rasheen (Michael Algieri) alone on the subway. While struggling to decide whether to send the young boy back to foster care, Sam looks after Rasheen and learns a few important life lessons. Meanwhile, Sam's friends deal with various romantic tribulations. Radnor wrote and directed this comedy, which won the Best Drama Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

Kill the Irishman Nominated For/Won Awards 2011  3.9 ★ 106 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R RT:62%
This true crime tale from director Jonathan Hensleigh charts the bloody rise and fall of Irish mobster Danny Greene, who faced down the Mafia to claim control of organized crime in Cleveland, Ohio, in the 1970s.

Bunraku Nominated For/Won Awards 2010  3.7 ★ 124 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R RT:16%
When an enigmatic drifter and an obsessive Japanese fighter make their way to a town run by a cruel crime boss, the strangers combine their martial arts skills to take on the powerful crook in this visually innovative, genre-bending action film.