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Leigh Biagi

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Postmortem  1998  3.0 ★ 105 mins Thrillers Rated: R
Having relocated to a small town to try his hand at writing, a former serial killer profiler trying to escape his past is forced into a case when a demented killer starts sending him obituaries of his victims.

Postmortem  1998  3.0 ★ 105 mins Thrillers Rated: R  starting 01-Jan-2025
Charlie Sheen stars as James McGregor, a former profiler of serial killers who wants nothing more than to escape his bitter past. McGregor relocates to a small town to begin writing novels, but he soon realizes he can't escape his previous life. When a demented killer starts sending McGregor the obituaries of his most recent victims, the aspiring writer and erstwhile crime expert is forced to get involved and find the murderous madman.

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