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The World of Apu

Nominated For/Won Awards   1959   4.0★ 106 mins Classics Rated: NR


TIME Winner: All-TIME 100 Movies
Unknown Winner: All-TIME 100 Movies
BAFTA Nominee: Best Film in 1962
Unknown Nominee: Best Film in 1962
Golden Globe Nominee: Best Foreign Language Film in 1961
Unknown Nominee: Best Foreign Language Film in 1961


Living alone in a tenement above the railway, a grown Apu passes his days reading poetry, playing his wooden flute and looking for work. Although poor and without family, he remains hopeful about his future. After reuniting with a childhood friend, Apu marries the man's cousin. But marital bliss is short-lived, as a terrible tragedy awaits the newfound lovers. This is the third and final film in the renowned Apu trilogy from director Satyajit Ray.

Directed By

Satyajit Ray
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