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Shag: The Movie

Nominated For/Won Awards   1989   3.6★ 100 mins Comedies Rated: PG


Unknown Nominee: Best Supporting Female for Bridget Fonda in 1990
Unknown Nominee: Best Supporting Male for Scott Coffey in 1990


Carson McBride (Phoebe Cates) is ready to wed rich stick-in-the-mud Harley Ralston (Tyrone Power Jr.) until gal pals Melaina (Bridget Fonda), "Pudge" (Annabeth Gish) and Luanne (Page Hannah) spirit Carson away to Myrtle Beach for one final fling. Will Carson jilt her stodgy fiancé for beguiling bad boy Buzz Ravenel (Robert Rusler)? Zelda Barron directs this slice of '60s nostalgia that captures an innocent time in American history.

Directed By

Zelda Barron
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