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Rotten Tomatoes : 98%

Risky Business

Nominated For/Won Awards   1983   3.5★ 96 mins Comedies Rated: R RT: 98%     until 01-Jan-2025  


Unknown Nominee: Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) in 1984
Unknown Nominee: Top 100 Movies
Unknown Nominee: Top 100 Laughs

Critics Consensus

Featuring one of Tom Cruise's best early performances, Risky Business is a sharp, funny examination of teen angst that doesn't stop short of exploring dark themes.


With his parents on vacation, high schooler Joel (Tom Cruise) -- abetted by a prostitute named Lana (Rebecca De Mornay) -- turns opportunity into disaster as he transforms the family home into a brothel, sees a Porsche end up in Lake Michigan and watches his Princeton dreams fade. A pair of briefs, a Bob Seeger tune and some heartfelt lip-syncing catapulted Cruise to stardom in this now-classic Golden Globe-nominated teen comedy.

Directed By

Paul Brickman
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