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Rotten Tomatoes : 43%

Dinner for Schmucks

  2010   3.2★ 114 mins Comedies Rated: PG-13 RT: 43%

Critics Consensus

It doesn't honor its source material -- or its immensely likable leads -- as well as it should, but Dinner for Schmucks offers fitfully nourishing comedy.


Tim Conrad's (Paul Rudd) boss hosts a dinner party where he invites his friends to bring along the saddest, most pathetic loser they can find. But when the ultimate schmuck (Steve Carell) arrives, his actions somehow turn everyone else into the losers. Comic heavy hitters Zach Galifianakis and Ron Livingston lend able support in director Jay Roach's (Austin Powers) darkly humorous film, an adaptation of the French comedy The Dinner Game.

Directed By

Jay Roach
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