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Most Streamed Titles

These are the titles people most often stream on Netflix

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Midsomer Murders: Written in Blood  1998  4.1 ★ 100 mins Television
This disc includes episode "Written in Blood".

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends  2004  3.5 ★ Children & Family
Based on the popular books by David Kirk, this charming animated series follows the adventures of Miss Spider and her extended insect family, encouraging young viewers to get in touch with their inner bug and explore the wonders of nature.

You and the Night  2013  3.1 ★ 91 mins Drama Rated: NR DVD Available: 14-Oct-2014
Amour is in the air in this erotic tale when a lusty couple and their cross-dressing maid host a midnight orgy for a select group of libertines. By the time the evening is over, much more will have been revealed than just the pleasures of love.

Are You Here  2014  3.0 ★ 112 mins Comedy Rated: R DVD Available: 30-Sep-2014
When bipolar man-child Ben learns his estranged father has died, he and his womanizing best friend head to the family farm, which has been bequeathed to Ben. But will his resentful sister block the inheritance and all the opportunity it represents?

Daddy's Little Girl  2012  2.9 ★ 103 mins Horror Rated: NR
After months of criminal investigation fail to produce any leads in the kidnapping and murder of his 6-year-old daughter, a divorced father comes across a key piece of evidence and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Children of Sorrow  2013  2.5 ★ 100 mins Horror Rated: R
When a young woman embeds herself in a Christian cult looking for answers about her sister's disappearance, she discovers their dark secret ... and an even darker secret within herself.

Blood Widow  2013  2.8 ★ 84 mins Horror Rated: NR
After buying a nice house in the country, Laurie and Hugh, a successful young couple, throw a party for their friends. During the wild night a few friends decide to explore the abandoned and decaying boarding school next door, only to wake an emotionally broken killer: The Blood Widow.

The Unbelievers  2013  3.2 ★ 76 mins Documentary Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss -- the dynamic duo of science -- travel the globe seeking to promote a scientific worldview and the rational questioning of religious belief, with celebrities, professors and ordinary folks supporting their work.

Hinterland  2013  3.6 ★ Television  until 01-Jan-2025   
BBC police detective drama series set in Aberystwyth against the backdrop of mountainous terrain, close-knit villages, and windswept sand dunes of the coastline to the badlands of the hinterland. Starring Richard Harrington as DCI Tom Mathias.

Bad Behavior  2013  3.0 ★ 84 mins Thrillers Rated: NR
When Zoe takes an overnight babysitting assignment from a seemingly perfect family, her only worry is avoiding the unwelcome advances of two teen brothers. Things start to get really strange when Zoe finds herself in a bathroom groggy and confused.

The Best of Men  2013  4.0 ★ 90 mins Television  until 01-Jan-2025   
In 1944, a pioneering doctor reinvigorates the lives of his staff and patients with one daring move: He introduces athletics into the rehabilitation plan of his patients, paralyzed soldiers who have been cast off and are facing death from neglect.

Antisocial  2013  2.9 ★ 90 mins Horror Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Unbeknownst to five college friends who've gathered for a New Year's Eve house party, an epidemic has erupted outside, breeding chaos all over the planet. Now, they're trapped together inside, with technology as their only weapon.

Dead in France  2012  2.2 ★ 88 mins Comedy Rated: NR
Socially challenged hit man Charles wants to retire in Cannes with a yacht and a woman in tow, but his plan goes awry when his new housekeeper's associates steal his fortune. Meanwhile, a rival assassin has him in her crosshairs.

The Assets  2014  3.8 ★ Thrillers  until 01-Jan-2025   
CIA counterintelligence expert Sandy Grimes is assigned a vital mission: identify the Soviet mole thought to be operating within the agency itself. In this fact-based thriller, Grimes and her assistant race against time to hunt down the lethal agent.

War of the Worlds: Goliath  2014  3.3 ★ 85 mins Anime & Animation Rated: PG-13  until 01-Jan-2025   
Rebooting H.G. Wells' classic tale, this animated alien thriller depicts a Martian invasion in 1914. Realizing that the enemy is on the way, Earth's defenders invent fantastic new weapons to use against the interlopers.

Serial Killer Culture  2014  3.1 ★ 110 mins Documentary Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Serial Killer Culture examines the reasons why artists and collectors are fascinated by serial killers. Through music, painting, filmmaking, writing, and collecting, thirteen individuals are interviewed about creating art and searching for murderous artifacts.

Papirosen  2011  1.5 ★ 74 mins Foreign (English) Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
This award-winning portrait of director Gastón Solnicki's family weaves excerpts from 200 hours of home movies with interviews with his grandmother. The film captures generations of his Jewish family, and more than just the special occasions.

Fading Gigolo  2014  3.2 ★ 90 mins Comedy Rated: R DVD Available: 19-Aug-2014
Middle-aged Fioravante and Murray are an unlikely gigolo and pimp in this farce about two cash-strapped friends who turn to the sex trade to make ends meet. Their new enterprise is fruitful, but things get complicated when romance enters the picture.

Dark Space  2012  2.7 ★ 92 mins Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
When their shuttle is damaged on the way to Centari Five, six friends are forced to crash land on the surface of a mysterious alien planet. Stranded with little hope of rescue, it soon becomes clear that they are not alone.

The Zero Theorem  2014  3.3 ★ 107 mins Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: NR
In the near future, Qohen spends his days working for a boss named Management and his nights waiting for a phone call that will explain his existence. Terry Gilliam puts his characteristic bizarre spin on modern life in this sci-fi comedy.

Airport / Airport 1975: Airport  1970  3.4 ★ 137 mins Classics Rated: G
The granddaddy of disaster movies, based on Alex Hailey's best-selling novel. Burt Lancaster is the harried airport manager facing an imminent blizzard, spineless bureaucrats and a mad bomber. Pilot Dean Martin's flight to Rome carries a passenger (Van Heflin) who has no intention of crossing the Atlantic alive -- and he plans to take the rest of the plane down with him! Co-stars Helen Hayes (who won an Oscar for her role) and Jacqueline Bisset.

BoJack Horseman  2014  3.8 ★ Television  until 01-Jan-2025   
In a Hollywood where humans and animal-people coexist, the half-man, half-horse BoJack Horseman struggles to figure out what do with the rest of his life following a showbiz career that peaked early then burned out, leaving him a fallen star.

Pavarotti: The Italian Opera Collection  2008  3.0 ★ 391 mins Music & Musicals Rated: NR
Legendary Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti embodies three of his best-loved roles in this classic collection of three full-length performances -- "La Boheme," "Il Tabarro/Pagliacci" and "L'elisir D'amore" -- filmed live at the Metropolitan Opera. Featured performers include Renata Scotto, Allan Monk, Paul Plishka, Placido Domingo and Kathleen Battle, with support from the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus.

Jarhead 2: Field of Fire  2014  3.3 ★ 102 mins Action & Adventure Rated: UR DVD Available: 19-Aug-2014
In this tense action-adventure, a Marine contingent stationed in hostile Afghanistan territory faces a daunting mission when they attempt to help a famously defiant woman reach a place of safety from the Taliban.

Behaving Badly  2014  3.0 ★ 93 mins Comedy Rated: R DVD Available: 28-Oct-2014
Nina is so lovely, and Rick so besotted with her, that the he has no qualms about wagering against a mobster's son over his chances of dating her. With two weeks to land his prey, the teen must face down a host of wild characters in this dark comedy.

Parts Per Billion  2014  2.2 ★ 102 mins Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rated: R
Against the backdrop of looming apocalypse, this existential drama follows three couples as they confront an uncertain and terrifying future. In view of the prospects, they look for meaning in their fate -- along with that of the rest of humanity.

12 O'Clock Boys  2014  3.0 ★ 75 mins Documentary Rated: NR DVD Available: 12-Aug-2014
Meet Pug, a 13-year-old boy from Baltimore's tough Westside neighborhood, who's determined to join the 12 O'Clock Boys, a dirt bike gang. He narrates his own sobering story, describing his admiration for a gang that regularly clashes with the police.

If I Stay  2014  3.7 ★ 106 mins Drama Rated: PG-13
While trying to choose between love and a musical career, 17-year-old Mia Hall finds her life upended by a tragic car crash that puts her in a coma. As she lies unconscious, Mia has a vision of her life that leads her to another crossroads.

TNA: Knocked Out: Bonus Material  2008  3.1 ★ 60 mins Sports & Fitness Rated: NR
The bonus material for the TNA's Pro Wrestling Women's Division event includes "Gail Kim's Final TNA Interview" featurette, bonus fights and more.

Gravity Falls: Even Stranger  2014  4.0 ★ 178 mins Children & Family Rated: NR DVD Available: 26-Aug-2014
Dipper Pines and his twin, Mabel, continue their supernatural adventures in the bizarre and wacky environs of Gravity Falls, Ore., where they encounter everything from a peanut-brittle prison to a time machine camouflaged as a tape measure.

Blood Glacier  2014  2.8 ★ 97 mins Foreign (English) Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Just as a top-ranking government official is due to arrive at a climate research outpost in the Alps, a team of scientists discovers that a receding glacier is oozing red fluid -- and it's turning the mountain wildlife into ravenous genetic mutants.

Heatstroke  2013  2.9 ★ 93 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR DVD Available: 12-Aug-2014
On a family trip in the African desert, a research scientist unintentionally travels off course and is brutally murdered by an arms dealer. His girlfriend is put to the ultimate survival test as she attempts to evade the killers and protect his teenage daughter.

Legends  2014  3.3 ★ Television
Shedding his skin as easily as a snake, CIA operative Martin Odum -- played by Sean Bean -- becomes whoever he needs to be in this gripping spy drama. In the process, however, he begins to lose something essential -- his sense of self.

The Love Punch  2013  2.9 ★ 95 mins Comedy Rated: PG-13 DVD Available: 26-Aug-2014
Richard and Kate might be divorced, but they still share a retirement nest egg. So when it goes missing, they go after the financier they hold responsible by staging a heist on the Côte d'Azur.

Korengal  2014  3.2 ★ 84 mins Documentary Rated: R DVD Available: 26-Aug-2014
Korengal picks up where the Academy Award nominated documentary Restrepo left off. Korengal goes a step further and explains how war works, what it feels like and what it does to the young men who fight it.

In The Flesh  2013  3.6 ★ Television
BBC Home Entertainment presents its first zombie mini-series, Zombie teenager Kieren isn't comfortable in his "undead" state. He didn't want to come back, he wanted to be dead. Shortly after his funeral, thousands of zombies rise from the dead.

As Above/So Below  2014  3.1 ★ 93 mins Horror Rated: R
Descending into the dark and bone-strewn caverns beneath the Paris streets, a party of explorers hoping to find a treasure trove instead encounters a nightmare. When a cave-in blocks the only exit, all hell breaks loose -- literally.

The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel  2013  2.3 ★ 108 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
With Beijing facing a cholera outbreak during World War II, a Chinese intelligence team abducts two Japanese scientists who may possess the cure. When standard interrogation tactics fail, the agents stage an opera designed to confuse their captives.

The Two Faces of January  2014  3.4 ★ 96 mins Thrillers Rated: NR
A young American working as a tour guide and part-time con artist in Greece finds himself caught in a dangerous arrangement when a wealthy couple invites him to dinner at their hotel -- and an accident forces them to flee the scene together.

The Equalizer  2014  4.0 ★ Action & Adventure Rated: R
In this action-thriller based on the hit 1980s TV series, former intelligence operative Robert McCall comes out of retirement to help a young prostitute, only to end up in the Russian Mafia's crosshairs.

Kid Cannabis  2014  3.2 ★ 90 mins Drama Rated: NR
Teaming with his best friend and a ragtag group of potheads, enterprising teen Nate Norman sets up a lucrative operation smuggling large amounts of marijuana from Canada to Idaho. But the young drug traffickers soon sow the seeds of their downfall.

The Butterfly Room  2014  3.7 ★ 87 mins Thrillers Rated: NR
After befriending the elderly and reclusive Ann, 11-year-old Alice draws her into a relationship that belies the youngster's ostensibly honorable intentions. Meanwhile, Ann is making dark plans for Alice's future.

Life of Crime  2014  2.9 ★ 94 mins Comedy Rated: R DVD Available: 28-Oct-2014
After kidnapping a rich property developer's wife and holding her for ransom, two small time crooks discover that their plan has a major flaw: their hostage's philandering husband is in no rush to free her from captivity.

Sofia the First  2012  3.9 ★ Children & Family Rated: NR
When her mother marries the king, common-girl Sofia finds that being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be. But with the help the Royal Preparatory Academy, Sofia learns to be truly noble -- and to thwart the plans of wicked sorcerer Cedric.

Night Moves  2013  3.0 ★ 112 mins Thrillers Rated: NR DVD Available: 02-Sep-2014
With their collective eye fixed on blowing up a hydroelectric dam, a pair of young environmentalists enlist the help of an ex-military explosives expert to carry out a dangerous act of eco-terrorism.

Cannibal  2014  3.0 ★ 116 mins Thrillers Rated: NR DVD Available: 14-Oct-2014
A dapper, fastidious tailor moonlights as a cannibal who preys on Eastern European women. Yet beneath his murderous facade beats a heart that's still fully human -- and capable of falling in love with a would-be victim.

Dragon Day  2013  2.1 ★ 95 mins Thrillers Rated: NR DVD Available: 28-Oct-2014
After an apocalyptic cyberattack on U.S. infrastructure, engineer Duke Evans and his family are stuck in an isolated mountain town where provisions are scarce. In the ensuing chaos, Duke depends on an illegal immigrant to help keep his brood alive.

The Prince  2014  3.1 ★ 103 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R DVD Available: 28-Oct-2014
Now living quietly as a gainfully employed mechanic, a former Mafia hit man veers back into his old world after his daughter is abducted. To save his girl, he's ready to return to Las Vegas to take on a longtime foe.

The Empty Hours  2013  2.9 ★ 101 mins Drama Rated: NR DVD Available: 02-Sep-2014
On the desolated coast of Veracruz, 17 year-old Sebastián takes over running his uncle's small and cozy rent-by-the hour motel. There he meets Miranda, a regular customer who comes to the motel to meet a lover who always keeps her waiting. As Sebastián and Miranda get to know each other, an ambiguous game of seduction begins between them.

Cassadaga  2011  2.8 ★ 102 mins Horror Rated: R
In the wake of her sister's death, a deaf teacher retreats to a spiritual community, where she begins painting and teaching again. But her serenity ends when a visit to a psychic exposes her to the ghost of another murdered woman.