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Most Shipped Titles

These are the titles people most often rent on DVD from Netflix

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Next Year Jerusalem  2013  2.3 ★ 72 mins Documentary Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025    DVD Available: 18-Nov-2014
This moving documentary follows eight senior citizens, all nursing home residents, as they embark on a life-affirming journey to Israel. More than a travelogue, the film reveals the remarkable results when such a trip is taken late in life.

In God's Hands  2014  3.0 ★ 109 mins Drama Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Angie Cartwright was always blessed with a gift for song, but hard times have forced her to give up her dreams of a music career. Now, this single mother is hoping to turn her life around. She will need all the help she can get to face some shocking truths from her past.

Le Portrait de Petite Cossette  2004  2.9 ★ Anime & Animation
This animated miniseries relates the experiences of art student Eiri Kurahashi after he spies a beguiling image of a woman in an antique mirror. He soon learns that Cossette, the girl behind the glass, has been waiting to be rescued for 250 years.

Maison Ikkoku: Box Set: Vol. 2  1996  3.1 ★ 300 mins Anime & Animation Rated: NR
This popular anime series takes its name from the ramshackle Japanese boarding house that serves as the center of the action -- the place where plucky collegian Yusaku Godai attempts to romance the widowed building manager. The second installment of the multivolume set contains episodes 13-24, in which Godai begins receiving telephone calls from a string of giggling girls, and Kyoko starts to get jealous.

The Secret Lives of Dorks  2013  2.7 ★ 91 mins Comedy Rated: PG-13
High school ├╝bergeek Payton lusts for cheerleader Carrie, who wishes he'd chase fellow dork Samantha, who happens to love him. Carrie decides to give Payton some lessons in cool, but will he use his new skills on the right girl?

Jimmy  2013  3.5 ★ 95 mins Drama Rated: NR
Jimmy is an overlooked mentally challenged boy who views the world through his own unique lens. Through the course of life-changing events during one autumn, Jimmy's family and those around him come to fully realize his impact on their community.

Rampage: Capital Punishment  2014  3.5 ★ 93 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
Violent anti-hero Bill Williamson has a plan to change the world by exacting vengeance on the rich. He holds a number of people hostage and uses his captives as his political platform to spread his message and awaken humanity.

The Naked Zoo  1971  2.1 ★ 86 mins Thrillers Rated: NR
Rita Hayworth stars as Helen Golden, the two-timing wife of an infirm millionaire (Ford Rainey) who's accidentally killed when he discovers her affair with skirt-chasing gigolo Terry Shaw (Stephen Oliver). When Helen -- consumed by guilt -- descends into a downward spiral fueled by drugs and alcohol, her husband reappears looking for retribution. Fay Spain plays Hayworth's daughter in this suspense thriller directed by William Grefe.

Animal House Of Blues  2012  2.3 ★ 60 mins Documentary Rated: NR
Animal House of Blues is the behind-the-scenes story of how the small town of Eugene, Oregon and its residents contributed to one of the greatest blockbuster films of all times. Never-before-seen interviews and performances including John Belushi, Otis Day and Curtis Salgado.

The November Man  2014  3.5 ★ 108 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
Living peacefully in Switzerland after leaving the CIA, Peter Deveraux is none to pleased to be reeled in for a critical covert assignment. Soon, the resurrected spy finds himself caught in a high-stakes struggle between the United States and Russia.

The Honorable Woman  2014  4.0 ★ Television
What kind of woman works tirelessly for the reconciliation of Israelis and Palestinians, newly ennobled Baroness Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhall), pits her fortune and her intelligence against government paranoia, espionage and sibling treachery.

Lady for a Night  1942  3.5 ★ 87 mins Classics Rated: NR
Jenny Blake, a young woman from the wrong side of the tracks, runs a riverboat casino. Casting aside romantic feelings for her business partner, she decides to marry a plantation owner who'll usher her into high society.

This Is Where I Leave You  2014  3.6 ★ Comedy Rated: R
In accordance with Jewish custom, four siblings gather to sit shivah after their father's death but are soon bickering and renewing old grudges. Brought together for the first time in years, the quarrelsome brood is in for a weeklong emotional duel.

Beyond the Ocean  2002  1.8 ★ 90 mins Independent Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
A young pregnant Russian woman heads to New York to find father of her child in this brooding drama. The film alternates scenes from Pitsee's (Dasha Volga) experiences in America with flashbacks to her traumatic childhood in her homeland. In New York, she tracks down Alex (Rik Nagel) -- the scoundrel who impregnated her -- but since he's involved with another woman, he foists the new immigrant on his DJ friend Dogwalker (Sage).

Tusk  2014  3.3 ★ 102 mins Horror Rated: R
When podcaster Wallace Bryton goes missing in the backwoods of Manitoba while interviewing a mysterious seafarer named Howard Howe, his best friend Teddy and girlfriend Allison team with an ex-cop to look for him.

Little Ghost  2013  3.2 ★ 92 mins Anime & Animation  until 01-Jan-2025   
The Little Ghost lives in the castle over looking a small town and awakens for precisely one hour after the clock strikes midnight. Follow him on this adventure to see his first sunrise ever!

Emma: A Victorian Romance  2005  3.5 ★ Anime & Animation Rated: NR
In this story of forbidden love set in late 19th-century London, Emma, a young, hard-working maid, and her sincere upper-class suitor, William, face the taboo of crossing class lines. Can their romance endure the scorn of society?

Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia  2013  3.8 ★ 89 mins Documentary Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
With interviews and footage from his television appearances, this documentary chronicles the life and career of outspoken writer Gore Vidal, a liberal icon who never shied away from sharing his views on American politics and culture.

Dead Within  2014  2.4 ★ 91 mins Horror Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
While a global plague is decimating nearly all of the world's population, one couple survives by taking refuge in an isolated cabin. But as their food supply dwindles, they realize they must confront whatever awaits outside.

Eternal Revenge  2000  1.6 ★ Thrillers Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025 
A tough, beautiful police investigator enjoys the challenge of her risky career, but her personal life is devoid of any romance.

The Last Days of Pompeii  1984  3.0 ★ Drama Rated: NR
This classic drama tells the story of tangled love affairs, political greed and religious persecution set against the backdrop of a city on the brink of one of the greatest disasters in history: the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

The Girl on the Train  2013  2.2 ★ 80 mins Thrillers Rated: R  until 01-Jan-2025   
On his way to interview the subject of his latest project, a documentary filmmaker has a chance encounter with a weeping young woman on a train, leading him into a world where the line between fantasy and reality is blurred.

Ragamuffin  2014  3.8 ★ 137 mins Drama Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
In the midst of a successful music career, Christian singer-songwriter Rich Mullins decides to take another path and exiles himself to Navajo country. This affecting biopic chronicles Mullins' long struggles with faith during his too-short life.

The Last of the Unjust  2013  2.7 ★ 220 mins Documentary Rated: PG-13 DVD Available: 23-Sep-2014
This dark documentary examines the history of Theresienstadt, the Nazis' model ghetto created to counter rumors about mistreatment of interned Jews. Director Claude Lanzmann interviews Benjamin Murmelstein, one of the ghetto's last living witnesses.

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Part 1  2006  3.0 ★ 250 mins Anime & Animation Rated: NR
Yukiatsu Ryuuda hasn't lived an honorable life by any means. But after a run-in with one of the Youi, he discovers he has the power to repel the aggressive beasts and help the Ayashi rid the land of their evil influence. In the process of embracing his heretofore unknown talents, Yukiatsu is forced to reexamine his past, paving the way for significant change when it comes to making important choices in the future.

Quatermass  1979  2.7 ★ 208 mins Television
Rocket scientist Professor Bernard Quatermass (Sir John Mills) tries to save the world and continues to search for his missing granddaughter in this sci-fi series. Anarchy reigns at the millennium's end, but London's premier scientist joins international agents to stop an evil far worse than the vicious gangs -- a destructive extraterrestrial superpower. Included are all of the original episodes, a bonus special and more.

Sisters of Selma  2006  3.0 ★ 60 mins Documentary Rated: NR
In 1965, a courageous group of St. Louis nuns traveled to Selma, Ala., to support the voting rights of blacks in what was an unprecedented political action by Catholic sisters. This film tells their amazing story of faith through historical footage and interviews. Reunited by filmmaker Jayasri Hart, the group gathers to watch footage of themselves and the event for the first time, while other Selma protestors discuss the sisters' contributions.

The 78 Project Movie  2014  2.3 ★ 95 mins Documentary Rated: NR
Turning back the clock, this offbeat documentary paints a fresh portrait of American music as filmmaker Alex Steyermark hits the road to give contemporary artists the opportunity to record on 78-rpm acetate discs.

DCI Banks  2010  3.8 ★ Television
In this crime drama series, the tenacious and stubborn DCI Alan Banks (Stephen Tompkinson) unravels disturbing murder mysteries aided by his feisty and ambitious young assistant, DS Annie Cabbot.

Print the Legend  2014  4.0 ★ Documentary Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   

Days and Nights  2014  3.3 ★ 92 mins Drama Rated: NR
Chekhov's classic The Seagull comes to 1980s New England in this story of an aging actress's fateful choice to visit her son and ailing brother. Over the course of a Memorial Day weekend, her presence impacts every member of the household.

Felony  2014  3.0 ★ 105 mins Thrillers Rated: NR
When police officer Malcolm Toohey hits a young boy while driving drunk, he makes the fateful decision to conceal his crime. But while one senior officer is willing to support the cover-up, that officer's new partner feels differently.

Suburban Sasquatch  2004  2.1 ★ 97 mins Horror Rated: NR
When a Bigfoot-type creature goes on a brutal and bloody rampage in a suburban neighborhood, a few courageous souls stand up to stop the mayhem in this campy gore fest. Local rangers Steve Parker (Juan Fernandez) and John Rush (Dave Bonavita) join forces with fearless reporter Rick Harlan (Bill Ushler) and beautiful Native American spiritual warrior Talla (Sue Lynn Sanchez) in an effort to thwart the merciless monster.

White Bird in a Blizzard  2014  3.5 ★ 91 mins Drama Rated: R
When 17-year-old Kat Conners's mom, Eve, vanishes, the teen relishes her newfound freedom -- until the reality of her loss sets in. While on break from college, Kat returns home and learns the strange facts behind Eve's disappearance.

The Scribbler  2014  3.3 ★ 90 mins Thrillers Rated: R DVD Available: 21-Oct-2014
Suki has used the experimental Siamese Burn device to erase most of her multiple personalities, but one remains ... and it may be her own identity. Dan Schaffer adapted this action-packed psychological thriller from his graphic novel.

Masterpiece Mystery!: The Escape Artist  2014  3.8 ★ 180 mins Television
Shrewd defense attorney Will Burton has never lost in court, but his winning streak may be in jeopardy when he takes on the case of Liam Foyle, an accused murderer whose guilt seems indisputable.

Crossbones  2014  3.2 ★ Television DVD Available: 30-Sep-2014
When elite assassin Tom Lowe goes on a quest to take down Blackbeard in 1715, he soon finds the situation is more complex than he realized as he learns more about -- and begins to admire -- the brilliance and political ideals of the infamous pirate.

Dragonwolf  2012  2.4 ★ 120 mins Action & Adventure Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025   
The Devil's Cauldron - a city of depravity and violence, where only the lethal survive. Two hit men rule these streets, feared by all but loyal to one another. When a beautiful woman seduces them both, they turn on each other, igniting an epic battle that may bring the city to the brink of destruction.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero  2014  2.7 ★ 91 mins Horror Rated: NR  until 01-Jan-2025    DVD Available: 02-Sep-2014
A group of friends planned the perfect vacation in the Caribbean, but when they head ashore to explore a remote island, their ultimate bachelor weekend devolves into their worst nightmare.

Peaky Blinders  2013  3.8 ★ Television  until 01-Jan-2025   
Set in 1919 Birmingham, Peaky Blinders follows the notorious gang, who got their name from sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, a man dead set on moving up in the world, no matter the cost.

Frank  2014  3.5 ★ 96 mins Comedy Rated: R DVD Available: 09-Dec-2014
An aspiring musician joins a band of eccentrics led by an enigmatic singer -- who wears a fake head -- and his unstable girlfriend. Creative tension mounts as the group retreats to the woods to cut an album.

Jake Squared  2014  2.5 ★ 100 mins Comedy Rated: R
When 50-year-old auteur Jake Klein decides it's time to make sense of his life, he throws a bash, hires an actor to play him and starts filming. But Jake gets an earful when everyone from his dead dad to his younger selves turn up to dispense advice.

Good People  2014  3.4 ★ Action & Adventure Rated: R DVD Available: 28-Oct-2014
A financially beleaguered couple can't believe their good fortune when they discover a boatload of money in the apartment of a neighbor who was recently murdered. But their luck soon turns dangerously sour.

Reclaim  2014  3.0 ★ 96 mins Thrillers Rated: R DVD Available: 18-Nov-2014
While visiting Puerto Rico to complete the process of adopting a 7-year-old Haitian refugee, a young American couple becomes entangled in a bewildering web of duplicity when the child is kidnapped.

The Homesman  2014  3.2 ★ 122 mins Drama Rated: NR
In a frontier town in the Nebraska Territory, self-reliant spinster Mary Bee Cuddy is tasked with escorting a trio of deranged women to a sanctuary in Iowa. Joining her on the arduous trek is George Briggs, an Army deserter Mary rescued from hanging.

The Maid's Room  2014  3.0 ★ 100 mins Thrillers Rated: NR
After going to work for a wealthy American family as a maid, undocumented immigrant Drina becomes privy to the household's darkest secret. She wants to report the incident to authorities, but her alien status and powerful boss conspire to stop her.

4 Minute Mile  2014  2.9 ★ 96 mins Drama Rated: PG-13 DVD Available: 07-Oct-2014
Drew Jacobs is a high school track star who shows tremendous potential -- until his brother's drug trade gets in the way. But when Drew draws the attention of a reticent former track coach, the two slowly begin to transform each other's lives.

Frontera  2014  3.8 ★ 103 mins Drama Rated: PG-13 DVD Available: 04-Nov-2014
A former Arizona sheriff's wife is killed while riding on their ranch property. It would appear a Mexican man illegally crossing into the US is at fault. As the former and the current sheriff search for answers, lives are changed forever.

Hellion  2014  3.1 ★ 94 mins Drama Rated: R DVD Available: 30-Sep-2014
When 13-year-old delinquent Jacob lures his little brother, Wes, into trouble, the state sends the younger boy to live with an aunt. Now Jacob and his recently widowed father struggle to reform their lives and put their family back together.

Sector 4: Extraction  2014  2.4 ★ 105 mins Action & Adventure Rated: R
When an elite band of private mercenaries known as Black Knight gets caught behind enemy lines in a Middle East combat zone, their only hope for survival lies with the team leader, who has escaped but vows to return.