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Blu-ray Adoption

About these graphs

The first chart shows the fraction of Netflixers that have opted for the Blu-ray service: only about 13% have signed up for this option which adds an additional variable charge to their monthly plan cost

The second chart shows the fraction of Netflix titles that are available on Blu-ray : only about 2% of Netflix's catalog is available on Blu-ray

However, the average user rating of titles on Blu-ray is 3.4 compared to the overall average of 3.0 for the entire Netflix catalog, i.e. titles available on Blu-ray are 'better' movies than those on DVD

This graph is based on a very small sample of the Netflix subscriber base. If you haven't already, please join FeedFliks today! If you have, please invite your Netflix friends over - the more data we have, the more valuable and interesting these graphs become